Werebeast powers


Lycanthropy is a supernatural condition that causes a person to transform into a were-creature: an unnatural crossing between a beast and their original species. Originally created by the Daedric Prince Hircine, it has been called a disease, a curse, and a blessing. Lycanthropy is contagious, and not selective about who it afflicts; most mortal races are susceptible to it.

There are several known strains of this condition, most of which are specific to certain regions of Tamriel. However, the most common strain – which causes the afflicted to turn into werewolves – is known to occur across the whole of the continent. Strictly speaking, the word “lycanthrope” originally referred only to this strain, but it has long been used to refer to anyone who undergoes a similar beast transformation.


Resist Disease: 100%
Resist Paralysis: 100%
Resist Normal Weapons: 50%
Immensely Increased Speed
Immensely Increased Strength
Greatly Increased Endurance
Wound Regeneration when Fed or Feeding
Super Natural Claws: A lycanthropes claws count as magical and super natural weapons, able to fully harm ghosts, undead, vampires, lycans, and daedra.
Detect Life: 100 Feet


Vulnerable to Poison: 50%
Greatly Weakened by Silver or Silver Augmented Weapons
Fitful or restless sleep
Severely irritated by Belladonna (werecats), Wolfsbane (werewolves), or Canis Root (werebears)
Can suffer amnesia after transformation
Can be prone to uncontrollable bloodlust or rage
May show signs of lycanthropy in human form (Eyes, teeth, ears, body bulk, etc)


The circumstances of the transformation seem to vary wildly between individuals (or perhaps between strains of lycanthropy). Some lycanthropes transform monthly, or even nightly. Others seem able to choose the times of their transformations, even able to give up transformation entirely. The strength of the bloodlust also varies, with some individuals experiencing an uncontrollable desire to kill, and others able to maintain nearly complete control during a transformation. In the worst cases, an individual who lacks the willpower to control a transformation may go feral, becoming little more than a mindless beast.