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IC Code of Conduct

The guild has two sides, and therefore two sets of laws: those of House Valeio (the public face), and those of the Crescent Pact (the secret vampire coven).

So far as House Valeio is concerned, Imperial law reigns paramount. That means if something would be illegal on the Gold Coast, it would be illegal within the House. Insubordination, destruction of property, assault, murder, treason, etc, all carry hefty IC penalties up to and including death. These laws also apply to the Crescent Academy, which is the institution of learning owned by the House.

Meanwhile, the Crescent Pact serves as the hidden cult which is the true power behind House Valeio. It houses a small pack of werewolves and a much larger coven of vampires. Both the pack and the coven have their own internal laws, with the coven’s leadership making decisions for the Pact as a whole, and ultimately, the House.

Since the purpose of the Pact is for likeminded beings that could not exist publicly among mortal society to shelter together, acts that seek to harm other members of the Pact are frowned upon and at times, penalized harshly. Abuse of another vampire’s thrall or killing a blood servant are considered particularly grievous offenses. However, the rulers of Pact–the Synod, the council which oversees the entirety of the Coven–are considered exempt from repercussions.

There are also special Pact-only laws for those who break the veil (i.e. intentionally or unintentionally revealing the presence of supernatural creatures to uninitiated mortals).

OOC Code of Conduct

We are an 18+ guild with the majority of the member base in the 30 and over age range. This means there is a certain level of maturity required in chat, forums, and all OOC interactions. We love to joke around and have fun, but not at the expense of others.

Members are expected to behave in a way that represents themselves and the guild in a positive light at all times. We expect our members to follow the basic rules of RP and to be courteous, productive members of our guild as well as the larger ESO community.

We do not tolerate any of the following:

  • Using harassing, bigoted, sexist, racist, etc language
  • Metagaming – taking OOC knowledge IC
  • Godmoding – forcing actions upon another character or refusing to take logical hits
  • Trolling – harassing and mocking people in game, Enjin, or Discord–both in and out of the guild
  • Mixing IC & OOC – getting upset OOC because a character was mean to yours
  • Spamming guild chat or Discord in a disruptive way
  • OOCly spying on private RP/running through scenes disruptively as a “joke”
  • Demanding other members get in voice chat in order to talk, especially during RP
  • Ignoring an officer when told to either do something, or stop doing something
  • Having a bad attitude and getting in public OOC fights with your fellow guild members
  • Comments that are overtly political or otherwise meant to incite a negative reaction
  • Social justice/SJW style comments meant to shame others for having differing views
  • Attempting to start fights about sensitive topics such as politics, racism, furries and other fetishes, etc 
  • Attention seeking behaviors, be it IC or OOC
  • Avoiding logical IC consequences for IC actions
  • Joining the guild with the intent to spy upon us, be it IC or OOC
  • Publicly criticizing parts of the guild you don’t like instead of bringing your concerns to an officer
  • Privately complaining about the guild to other members instead of bringing your concerns to an officer
  • Any additional behavior which is deemed unsuitable by the guild leadership

Application Process

The Crescent Pact is currently open for recruitment. To join, all you need to do is to fill out our application and wait to hear back.

Assuming your application is approved, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Read all three posts in the Required Reading section and post in the Read & Sign thread
  • Create and post a character profile
  • Join the Discord server
  • Ask for an invite to the in-game guild

Trial Period

Once you join the guild, you will be on trial status for the next 2 weeks (14 days). This counter starts the day you join the in-game guild, not the day you submit your application.

While you are on your trial period, we highly recommend you present yourself to the best of your ability. We are a quality over quantity guild, and are only interested in maintaining members who are good fits for our unique theme and get along well without clashing personality types or RP preferences.

Please note that these policies are in place as much for the benefit of our trials as well as the guild, since we know full well we are not the guild for everyone.

If you ever have any questions or aren’t sure how to proceed, you should NEVER hesitate to ask! You can either make use of our Discord’s questions channel, or privately contact one of our officers for assistance. We are very friendly and more than willing to work with you, so long as you’re willing to work with us.

OOC Expectations:
Much like any new environment, it is important to understand your audience and the people you’re interacting with. Inappropriate behavior during the trial period will be scrutinized closely. Overtly political, sexual, or violent topics repeatedly brought up by trials may result in dismissal. This is an environment full of people with various beliefs, ideals, and tolerances. Trials should be sensitive to the culture of the guild and able to ‘read the room’ to gauge what is tolerated and what is not. Likewise, we do expect you to speak OOC–members who join and are eerily silent are rarely accepted for full membership.

IC Expectations:
We fully understand people have drastically different playtimes, and that real life always comes first. However, we are an active guild and it is important that you make an effort to engage us and RP while on your trial period. You should have ample time to complete your introduction, integrate your character into the guild in some position, and get to know other characters while on your trial. If you can’t conceive of doing all that in two weeks, a fast-paced heavy RP guild may not be your ideal guild setting.

Every character needs to be introduced to the guild upon joining. It is important to note that we expect members to come to us rather than having to chase them down. What this means is, we will not ICly beg your character to join, nor will we engage in an antagonistic introduction (kidnapping, arresting your character for breaking in, or anything of the sort). There is plenty of time for engaging plotlines once you’re in the guild; becoming a part of the guild should go fairly smoothly without placing your character in an antagonistic position.

Examples of appropriate introductions are:

  • Your character wishes to attend the Crescent Academy as a student, or work for House Valeio in some capacity, without knowing our secret;
  • Your character is either a vampire or werebeast themselves or a mortal aware of them, has heard “underground” whispers from other monsters that a secret coven can be found here, and so they show up seeking shelter;
  • Most other introductions that involve your character seeking ours out and offering something in exchange.

Trials are allowed to attend any events they wish, including DMed events, but are not eligible for character sheet perks or modifiers while on their trial period (i.e. any rolls required are done with a flat 20).

Character Sheets:
In order to move off trial status, you will need to complete your character sheet. However, since sheets are subject to approval and are approved monthly, that means you will not be able to use your sheet and its modifiers until you are off your trial period.

Full Member Expectations

Members are expected to maintain a reasonably active IC and OOC presence, and to let us know (via the absence thread on the forums) if you won’t be around for an extended period of time. We consider ‘active’ to mean you RP at least once a week and make what events you can.

Members also must uphold our OOC code of conduct at all times and be willing to acknowledge consequences for breaking our IC code of conduct.

Members should be helpful to each other, but also respect the guild hierarchy.

Members should stay involved on an OOC level as well as simply logging in to RP, i.e. socializing in gchat or Discord, staying current with new guild policies, systems, and events, and making sure they aren’t missing anything interesting on the forums.

The supplemental resources such as Discord, Enjin, and this website are all here to make the guild a more immersive environment. If you find reading such things annoying and just want to show up in game and RP casually, we likely aren’t a good fit.

While all members must have an active character in the guild, sometimes a character will die or be fired for breaking house or coven laws, or for simply not being a good fit for the environment we wish to cultivate. Members in good standing are more than welcome to add a new character to the guild if their original main was removed from play IC for any reason. Just because your character leaves doesn’t mean you have to OOC!

Alt Policy

Full members are allowed to introduce alts to the guild, provided the alt is a character that fits with the guild’s theme and will be RPed at least periodically. We strongly advise you not to add more alts to the guild than will actually have some form of guild presence, no matter how small; nobody likes looking at the profile section and seeing swarms of profiles from characters that nobody has ever met.

We also require every member to have one clearly defined main. You are allowed to switch your main, but you need to be deeply integrated with the guild on at least one character, rather than having 5 alts that barely know anyone.

In order to be eligible to be RPed with the guild, each alt you wish to introduce must have a profile posted. You will also need to arrange an IC introduction with the guild, unless the alt is coming in already a part of the guild, such as saying they are a long-standing member of the house staff, etc.

Finally, we have a cap on 1 main and 4 alts (for 5 total) for “full” characters in the guild. This means you may only have character sheets for 5 characters. You can have additional “flavor” characters that have no sheets (but still have profiles) if you wish, so long as they fit with the guild theme.  

Joining Other Guilds

Crescent Pact recognizes that ESO is a game where every player can be in 5 guilds, so it’s nearly inevitable many of our members will be in additional RP guilds. However, we have enacted some guild-wide rules when it comes to RPing with other guilds.

This policy is not an attempt to control what people do OOCly so much as to head off issues we have noticed crop up in the guild over time regarding other guilds.

In the vast majority of circumstances, we do not allow members of the Crescent Pact to have the same character in other guilds.

However, there are some exceptions:

  • Hub guilds, which aren’t really an IC organization at all but are simply a means to connect with other RPers, are of course always allowed.
  • Guilds with an IC organization where fealty is not required, such as a network, university, etc which may be approved on a case by case basis.

What is definitely not allowed is taking your character that has joined Crescent Pact and pledged fealty to the House or Coven, and then joining another guild where it is required they swear fealty to a second entity. Your character can’t be loyal to two noble houses or two vampire covens at once, or a vampire coven and an order of monster hunters. In addition, it’s flat out impractical for them to be RPing in Carcosa one day and then in the other guild’s hub the next day without skipping a beat. They either live in Carcosa and are loyal to the Pact, or they aren’t.

Please note, this policy applies to individual characters, NOT players. OOCly, you can be in as many guilds as you want so long as activity requirements with Crescent Pact are met. And we always support and endorse our members RPing outside the guild, such as networking with other guilds or attending open server events and hubs.

We are also aware that some people have bristled at this post and considered it a form of OOC control. We are fine with that, because if you wish to RP the same character being loyal to multiple organizations, you are just not a good fit for the type of RPer we are looking for. It is no personal insult against you, but we have a specific niche and seek like minded players over numbers.

Lore Adherence

We place massive emphasis on remaining a lore-friendly guild. While we do endorse using fanon to fill in the gaps–which we are forced to do since there isn’t much lore on the day-to-day lives of vampires–we make a very important distinction: We use fanon to fill in the gaps left by lore, not to contradict existing lore.

We expect every character to fit in with our views of lore and strive to cultivate an immersive environment where everyone feels as if they are living within the world of Tamriel. This means any fanon elements must seamlessly blend with established ES lore rather than simply transplanting a concept from another universe into ES (i.e. don’t copy/paste a concept from Warhammer into our guild and act like it’s your idea).

Inappropriate Characters

There are certain character types that we know without question that we don’t want to be a part of the collaborative guild story we are trying to tell. The following are concepts that we are not interested in recruiting.

If one of these applies to you, you are still welcome to apply with a character that is suitable so long as your alt on this list remains out of the guild.

  • Liches
  • Daedra and demi-gods
  • Dragonborn
  • Ancient characters (ancient to be defined as older than a few hundred years)
  • Child characters (both those under 18 and those who are over 18 but have the mind/body/behavior of a child)
  • Sexually aggressive characters (i.e. coming across as a sexual predator IC)
  • Perpetual victim characters (i.e. those looking for nothing more than physical or sexual abuse RP)
  • Made up vampire bloodlines (they don’t fit in with our CS system)
  • Slaves (Imperials are culturally opposed to slavery)
  • Kings, queens, princes, and other royalty
  • Heads of noble Houses equal in standing or resources to House Valeio
  • Heads of other vampiric covens equal in standing or resources to the Coven of the Dying Sun
  • Characters of beast lineage (i.e. half Minotaurs or characters who are half Breton/half Khajiit or half Altmer/half Argonian, etc. Please note that just playing a normal Argonian or Khajiit is allowed)
  • Shapeshifters (i.e. characters that can take the form of another, such as taking race changes IC)
  • Antagonistic characters (spies intending to infiltrate, monster hunters secretly here to kill us all, overtly hostile characters who pit themselves against the guild, supervillains who try to create their own powerbase within the guild and turn people against the leadership, and any other concepts deemed to be inappropriate by the officers)


As a dark vampire guild open only to 18+ players, we are definitely not the right fit for everyone. In particular, you can expect to find the following themes in our guild:

Serious Atmosphere
While occasional lighthearted moments are to be expected and encouraged, we are a serious guild that places priority on telling a lore-accurate story which takes places in an Imperial noble house and vampire coven. As a result, we are not a good fit for characters that exist solely as comedic fodder, characters who only want to lounge around flirting and joking, or characters who bristle in an environment with laws, hierarchy, and expected decorum.

Noble House Setting
For the public side of the guild, characters are expected to respect and adhere to hierarchy, titles, and decorum. This applies even to those whose primary reason for coming to the House is to attend the Academy. Our house is a part of Imperial society and as such, we expect even characters of other cultures to respect Imperial customs.

Vampire Brutality
Our vampires are not gentle. Behind the scenes, our characters range in views from valuing mortals to slaughtering them for sustenance. They are predators, and many people play them as such.

OOCly we’re all equal–IC, we definitely are not. We are not an environment that feels all characters must be equal to be “fair”.

Mean Characters
Not every character is nice. While we don’t go out of our way for it to happen, rudeness, hostility, and insults are all things that might happen to your character here.

Tasteful Sexuality
Many characters in our guild are in relationships. We also hire courtesans and prostitutes, and thralls and blood servants are welcome to provide a sexual service for the vampires of the house as well. Public ERP is not allowed, but we aren’t an environment for those who will get squeamish about IC references to sex or sexuality.

Criminal Elements
Illicit goods trade, piracy, smuggling, scamming, strongarming, assassination. While not every character is involved in the underworld, it is a facet of RP that exists.

Drug Use
Many characters RP about getting high, be it on more conventional narcotics or on a vampire’s blood.

General Violence
While we don’t endorse meaningless torture porn, scenes of combat, torture, and violence are visceral and intense.

There are many aspects of our guild which are straight up horror and may well be anxiety inducing.

The guild has daily RP, often starting around primetime (EST) and going into the late night/early morning (EST) hours. While most of our players are in the US, we also have members in Australia and Europe and so cover a variety of time zones. We also have regular RP events, averaging 5-10 a month. However, we put far more emphasis on daily unscripted freeform RP rather than players who only show up to attend an event and then vanish again.

Much of our RP takes place internally within our numerous player homes which make up the grounds of our keep, Carcosa, but we also support server RP–especially events that take place within the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil.


Crescent Pact places massive emphasis upon accepting IC consequences for IC actions. What this means is our RP is only enjoyable and believable for everyone involved so long as our characters are free to behave as they logically would IC.

The most basic way to view consequences is cause and effect. Every single thing you emote your character doing, everyone else can emote their character reacting to. This is the very premise all RP is based off of. It leads to a lot of problems when someone OOCly has an issue with how someone else’s character ICly reacted to their own character’s actions.

This means you need to be willing to accept that not all characters will like yours or be friendly to yours. Your character might get in trouble for messing up or breaking an IC law. Your character might make an enemy and be viewed with mistrust, or may get in a fight with another character that leaves lasting bad blood.

None of these things mean a character is ruined. If you feel a character is ruined because they “lost” a conflict or are viewed unfavorably by others, you aren’t a good fit for us. Even the main character in virtually every movie that exists has a low point where they lose and have to work their way back from that loss.

Likewise, we expect everything that happens in RP to matter to the overall story. If your character got critically wounded, you shouldn’t act like it never happened the next day.

We strive not to be oppressive or restrictive, but we also play our characters logically and ask that this be respected. The entire RP experience is cheapened if nobody’s actions matter.

How does this pertain to guild events and plots?
We are strong believers in not putting RP on rails. That means events and plots will all have multiple outcomes based on what the players present choose to do. If an event critically fails, it will cheapen the RP for everyone involved if no consequences follow. For this reason, we always strongly recommend asking questions IC or OOC if you’re uncertain what the fallout of a scenario would be, rather than winging it and then being shocked things don’t pan out well for your character.


Spying is a large part of roleplay. It can be enjoyable, rewarding, and lead to even more roleplay further down the road. It is only when spying lacks consideration for the people being spied on that it becomes detrimental to the guild and its members. As such, spying must be handled delicately in order to ensure that everyone is being respected.

The most basic rule about spying is you can be as shady as you want IC, but we do absolutely not tolerate lying about RP OOCly in any capacity.

The following policies are the guild’s official stance on spy RP, both in and outside of the guild.

IC Policy on Spying
Good OOC communication is absolutely required when spying on the guild or individuals within it.

We are aware that potential spies may be looking at that and recoiling as it would make people OOCly aware their character is being spied upon. While that is true, it is necessary, and any roleplayer who takes their craft seriously will refrain from metagaming that information just as they would any other information they don’t know ICly.

In other words, if you plan to infiltrate the guild to spy on us for another guild or individual, you absolutely must tell us OOC. Please be aware that this is an extremely delicate topic for a guild that can only solely exist IC if its secret remains unknown, so we may very well decline. Even if we do accept, if we find out your character is a spy, it is IC grounds for permadeath.

Not informing us of your intent to RP spying on us and joining the guild under false pretenses (OOCly pretending you want to be a member when you’re really only there to spy IC) will be considered grounds for removal.

OOC Policy on Spying
While we are more than accommodating to IC spies, we have a zero-tolerance policy on OOC spying. This refers to anyone who has entered our guild under a false premise in order to obtain information for any reason, be it good or bad. It also refers to anyone who initially enters our guild in good faith, but later chooses to pass information to non-guilded third parties for any reason, be it good or bad.

This ALSO refers to spying on other guilds. We do not endorse, in any way, our own members joining other guilds in order to spy on them. It is not needed and is counter to our views on RP.

We expect everyone that joins the guild to be honest with us about his or her intentions. If it is discovered that those intentions are less than earnest, then that person will be handled accordingly.

Again, we want to make sure that the atmosphere of the guild is honest and friendly, free from harmful intentions. We expect everyone that joins the guild to want to be a part of it and not have negative aims.


While we in no way want to kill off characters for trivial offenses, you should be aware that we do have a permadeath policy for the most grievous offenses in the guild.

In a guild like this, allowing a traitor to roam free would logically result in the destruction of the guild IC–and the deaths of all of our characters. A secret coven of vampires can quite literally only exist so long as the mortal realm doesn’t know we exist. If we allowed disgruntled characters to quit our guild and go tell other guilds who we are, all our characters’ lives would be forfeit.

We all love IC drama and excitement, but the officers strongly recommend—if you feel the need to create a situation where your character is in trouble or has an antagonistic role—that you DO NOT make the guild your character’s enemy. The moment you pit your character against the guild is the moment when we no longer have an IC reason to keep you alive.

Breaking the veil or betraying the House or coven are all considered implied consent to permadeath. This does not mean the character will automatically be killed, but it does mean it is on the table. Please do not expect characters to be safe due to an OOC consequences shield.

What sorts of things make a character deserving of death?
If your character makes him or herself out to be a threat to the coven, death is a very reasonable and very logical IC consequence. This includes attempts to incite a mutiny, to overthrow the leadership, to escape and tell others our secret, or to attempt to assassinate one of our members.

We are also not in the business of enslaving or breaking resistant characters. If your character’s reaction to learning our secret is to try to kill us, death is the logical consequence. Basically, avoid making your character seem like a threat or liability to leave alive and there will be few problems.

But doesn’t that hinder my RP? My character would do that!
If your character would resist a coven of vampires and werewolves, or attempt to betray them, then your character also needs to be willing to accept death as a potential consequence. We firmly believe the character should fit the guild, not vice versa. If we don’t have an IC reason to keep your character alive, we won’t.

What are my options if my character has died?
As long as you are a member in good standing with the guild OOC, we encourage you to make a new character that fits in with the guild theme and stick around. Just because a character dies doesn’t mean you have to leave OOC.

What if I leave the guild? Will my character be killed?
Unfortunately, since not every player is a fit for every guild, it is inevitable that sometimes characters who are ICly considered a threat to us are left with their stories “stranded” due to their player having left the guild. If we ICly felt the character(s) involved were a big enough threat to us that we wouldn’t have let them leave, sometimes the guild considers those characters dead just for the sake of realism and simplicity–because otherwise it’s a disruptive plot hole, to know our untrustworthy enemy is running around out there, liable to reveal our secret.

While it’s guild policy to consider threats dead, we can only enforce this so far as our personal guild story goes. The Crescent Pact will never attempt to dictate what happens outside the guild’s walls. That means, if this unfortunate scenario happens to you, you are of course perfectly welcome to keep RPing your character outside the guild. The details of guild story continuity are vastly unlikely to ever have a bearing upon anyone outside of the guild. It’s an unfortunate point to have to address, but we wish to be up front with our policy all the same.

Please note, this only applies to ‘enemy’ characters or those who are untrustworthy but disappear without IC justification. If you RP out your character’s exit, or at least speak with us about how it would have been, we are perfectly fine with leaving your character alive to the guild story–in fact, it’s the result we vastly prefer.

The Veil

We refer to the Veil frequently in our RP; it is how we reference the fact we are secretly a coven of vampires, or that our forest is filled with werebeasts and other odd supernatural entities. To “break the Veil” is to intentionally or unintentionally betray the Pact’s monstrous secrets to unaware mortals, which carries heavy consequences IC.

It is important to understand the entirety of the guild’s RP is based around there being both public RP and veil RP. Members of the Crescent Pact attend public server events, because nobody outside of our walls knows what we really are. You will never see us flashing our fangs in bars or publicly announcing we are monsters. In short, if it was publicly known we were monsters, we would be hunted down and killed.

This level of secrecy even extends to some of our guild housing. In other words, it should be assumed that not everyone in every scene knows about the secret. Members of the Pact must uphold the Veil at all times, which means unless you joined the guild already knowing our secret (which is allowed), you must be willing to be patient in earning the IC trust to be initiated.


We are an active guild, which means people who can only play a couple times a month aren’t a good fit for us. We understand real life comes first and do not have stringent guidelines for what constitutes active. Generally, as long as you RP a minimum of once a week you will be fine.

We also require some form of OOC presence—it isn’t considered being active if you occasionally come RP but have nothing to do with the guild in guild chat, discord, or on the forums.

It should be noted that people who put forth the bare minimum (i.e. showing up once a week for 30 minutes) will likely eventually be removed for inactivity. This is up to the discretion of the officers and is due to the desire to keep the roster small and focused on the people who are most active to the guild, rather than virtual strangers.

On top of that, since many members RP daily, if you can only RP very rarely you will likely feel left behind as storylines progress without you.


We periodically remove members for inactivity, typically once a month. This means if you have been offline for 30 days, or have stopped communicating with us OOC, or have been on hiatus for a long time, you may get removed from the guild.

However, being removed from the guild is not a penalty. You are allowed to rejoin when you have time again provided you were a member in good standing, but reinvites will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have repeatedly joined the guild, gone inactive, and been removed, we will eventually decline your request to return, since we want active and invested players.

Forum Use

One of Crescent Pact’s main selling features is our active, expansive website. The website allows members to post events, RP hooks, IC messages, stories/journals, forum RP, and much more. While we have no policy requiring posting, we do highly recommend members look at the site frequently in order to stay current with what’s going on with the guild.

It is recommended you look at the site once a day to make sure you aren’t missing anything; it’s fast, and keeps you in the loop. If you can’t look daily, you should at least look on the days you are able to RP.

Discord Use

We have an active Discord server and highly recommend using it for OOC communication with the guild. It is a great way to get to know guild members OOC and feel a part of our community. On top of that, our announcements channel is regularly used for reminders about events and other news regarding the guild.

Members who never look at Discord may wind up feeling out of the loop from missed announcements or conversations, though of course we don’t expect you to use it 24/7 or read every message in there. We do place emphasis on being a community, though, so socializing always helps!

If you don’t have Discord, you can get it here. When your application is accepted, there will be a link to joining our Discord server. It’s very easy and convenient to use on your phone as well as PC!

General Chat Conduct
One of the defining traits of the Crescent Pact is that we are an 18+ mature guild, and this extends into what we expect of Discord chat as well. Of course, what people define as a mature setting will vary, so we felt some clarification was in order.

We have a very strict no drama policy. We try to keep chat a stress-free and welcoming place at all times. What this means is we will not tolerate a toxic environment where people go off on each other and insult each other for no reason. HOWEVER, we also expect people to be able to talk to each other like adults without being needlessly censored.

It’s just a fact of life that not everyone is going to get along 100% of the time. We’re all in the guild because we’re united by our interest in RPing about a vampire noble house. It’s statistically impossible that we’ll share views on life, morals, politics, and hobbies with the majority of people in the guild other than that one interest. So, if you go into public guild discussions with the mindset that you can and should agree to disagree rather than getting in nitpicky fights, you will minimize drama for everyone else.

Officers will generally only step in and redirect the chat if something truly hostile is brewing—which is an extremely rare occurrence. The rest of the time, it’s on our members to self-police their actions. Basically, treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself. Don’t antagonize, and you won’t be antagonized back.

However, if you feel someone is genuinely harassing you, please feel free to come to a guild officer. Not everyone has to like each other OOC, but you should be able to coexist with and RP with your guild mates.

It is also worth mentioning that guild chat, in general, is not a safe space. Nobody is going to be censored for using a bad word or having a certain view. But you should never resort to name calling or outright insulting other members. If you absolutely must debate, attack the comment, not the person.

Discord RP Policy
We do not have a channel in the guild Discord for IC messages or for RP. The reason for this is we want to make sure our forums are still used for IC messages, such as the bulletin board or letters, and we want to make sure all guild RP happens in game.

Individual members are welcome to RP privately in Discord DMs if they wish, as this can be a helpful way to supplement RP from time to time. But, RP in Discord should never take the place of actually logging in and interacting with your fellow guild members, and to ensure this doesn’t happen, we will never have an official guild RP channel.

Likewise, we do not consider a person active if their only RP with members of the guild is out of game in Discord.

Voice Chat Policy
We do have a voice channel in Discord, but have specific rules for its use.

Discord’s voice chat can be used for running PVE/PVP content or just socializing OOC.

However, members are not allowed to be in voice chat while RPing—no exceptions.

We ask guild members to remember voice chat is a privilege and not a right. There have been incidents in the past where the channel was abused with people only talking in there, to the exclusion of members trying to talk to them in chat.

For example, someone asking a question in guild chat and being told to get in voice isn’t acceptable—voice is purely optional and no one should feel forced to use it, nor should it ever be used to the detriment of RP.

In addition, sitting in voice chat and complaining about other members of the guild, or attempting to create an “us vs them” voice clique, is considered extremely inappropriate and may result in removal from the guild.

Mature Content Policy

Discord, Enjin, and in-game guild chat should generally be considered a NSFW setting just because of language used and memes posted that you definitely wouldn’t want your boss seeing.

However, we draw the line at outright pornography. Context matters; posting a tasteful nude commission of your character is one thing, but posting porn (even to laugh at it) is not allowed.

That doesn’t mean we heavily censor things, because we don’t–but no photos of real life naked people, no graphic hentai porn, no extreme gross out images and you will probably be okay.

This doesn’t mean no horrible weirdness can ever be posted, but please make sure it won’t totally destroy someone’s day. And if something you want to post is “iffy”, please click the spoiler button.

Swearing and discussing mature topics is allowed, but we ask you to refer to our OOC Code of Conduct for general expectations for member behavior.