Required Reading

The following articles are considered the foundation of the guild. They cover topics such as our OOC expectations of guild members, the RP themes that we follow, and explanations of the Crescent Pact’s IC backstory and lore.

In order to join the guild, you need to familiarize yourself with these posts. Since it’s a lot to retain, we don’t expect everyone to memorize it–so we highly recommend checking back in if you forget something!

This post outlines all of our IC and OOC policies in detail. It explains what is expected from trials as well as full members, and covers our policies in regards to activity, consequences, themes, etc.

All of the IC knowledge and lore that would be available to people looking into the legitimate aspects of the guild.

Highly secretive knowledge which only vampires, werewolves, and mortals who serve them could know.

Supplementary Reading

The following threads are not required to read to apply, but provide some of the background background lore the guild utilizes.

These rituals are the heart of the coven, and are how every member of the Pact can progress in RP behind the veil.

Since there is very little official lore on thralldom, and it varies dramatically among individuals, the above is the lore-inspired fanon we used to RP thralldom.

Our official policy in regards to where personal player housing fits in to guild RP.

What you need to know about learning the guild secret about the monstrous nature of many of its denizens. This plays heavily into consequences and permadeath, so please read carefully.