Required Reading

The following articles are considered the foundation of the guild. They cover topics such as our OOC expectations of guild members, the RP themes that we follow, and explanations of the Crescent Pact’s IC backstory and lore.

In order to join the guild, you need to familiarize yourself with these posts. Since it’s a lot to retain, we don’t expect everyone to memorize it–so we highly recommend checking back in if you forget something!

The guild charter outlines all of our IC and OOC policies in detail. It explains what is expected from trials as well as full members, as well as how we make decisions in regards to activity, consequences, etc.

You can learn about the different facets of the guild here, from the public fronts of the Knightly Order and Academy to the supernatural tribes hidden from mortal society. 

These are the IC laws all who join the Tribe are expected to follow. They cover everything from holding no religion or culture above the Tribe, to basic conduct such as theft and violence, and a reminder the Tribe exists due to the shadowy figure known as the Stranger.

Particularly if you are new to monster RP, this list is a huge help in making sense of some of the terms we use. You will find most of the phrases refer to vampires due to the vagueness of vampire lore, enabling us to use tasteful amounts of outside phrases to flesh out daily monster RP.

What you need to know about learning the guild secret about the monstrous nature of many of its denizens. This plays heavily into consequences and permadeath, so please read carefully.

This thread serves to outline what we expect from our members in terms of IC actions resulting in IC consequences, up to and including permadeath.  

All characters who post a profile are added to this roster. It is important for each member to provide a short description which summarizes their character, and is useful for keeping track of who has what role in the Pact. It is also a useful resource for seeing what areas of the house have which roles.

Our Discord channel is one of the cornerstones of the guild. It allows members can stay in touch out of game, plan RP, and build friendships. There are also regular guild announcements. You can find our policies on what is and isn’t allowed in Discord within this post.

While spying can be an exciting aspect of roleplay, it is also rife with potential for OOC drama if mishandled. This thread contains our views on all forms of spying–both IC and OOC. Namely, if it’s OOC, don’t do it.

You can find our policies about joining other guilds here. Simply put, members are OOCly welcome to be in as many guilds as they want, but we ask your Pact character is not also loyal to another guild.

Supplementary Reading

The following threads are not required to read to apply, but provide some of the background background lore the guild utilizes.

The Stranger is the shadowy figure responsible for the creation of the Crescent Pact. Worship to him is inherent in the culture of the Tribe, though exceedingly little is known about his origins or intentions. What little is known can be discovered here.

This post outlines the different strains of the disease of Vampirism; it is from those three diseases which spring over 20 known vampire lines in lore. Please read this thread and take into consideration all the things mentioned when creating and roleplaying a vampire.

If you play a werebeast, you should be familiar with the various innate abilities they are capable of. This thread explains the lore foundation we base our character sheet system’s werebeast perks on. 

Everyone who wants to play a thrall, and any vampire who wishes to take a thrall, needs to read this to understand how we interpret the small amount of thrall lore and how we incorporate fanon to make thrall RP immersive.

While the guild is no longer a house in service to the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, it is our backstory, and many Order characters are still prominent. It is important to understand the way we interpret Order Vampire lore, since it has historically colored a lot of the flavor of the guild. We are aware this particular piece of lore is taken from the third era and not the second, but it still speaks to how the Order operates.