Crescent Pact

Public Lore

The following lore is all public knowledge, easily learned by any who look into House Valeio, the Crescent Academy, or its various holdings.

The fact these entities secretly house vampires (and werebeasts) is not public knowledge. To the outside world, we are simply an upstanding part of Imperial society living on the Gold Coast.

The sections marked as Veil Knowledge could only be known to other vampires, werebeasts, and mortals who already serve vampires.

House Valeio

An old Niben house from Leyawiin, House Valeio expanded its considerable influence into the Gold Coast following the marriage of its Dominus, Caius Valeio, to Olyviana Dasciya. Through this marriage, Caius absorbed all the assets inherited by Olyviana from the now-defunct House Ravnore, including its massive estate, Carcosa, and its numerous business enterprises.

Amalthea Syrine was proclaimed the Lady Regent of the House, and she along with the Legate, Dion Valeio–the son of Caius–tend to the daily affairs of the House, leaving the Dominus free to tend to more important matters.

In an effort to divorce themselves from the horror-wrought legacy of Olyviana’s former husband–who was publicly revealed to be a vampire, a fact she claims was not known to her until after their separation–House Valeio places a massive emphasis upon worship of the Divines, requiring regular prayer and religious observation among its patrons.

House Valeio is willing to offer shelter to displaced nobles who wish to pledge themselves to another house.

Veil Knowledge

House Valeio is the legitimate face which allows the shadowy organization, the Crescent Pact, to exist in secret. As the primary investor behind the Pact, House Valeio’s assets are almost entirely devoted to providing the vampires and werebeasts of the Pact a safe haven while still enabling the keep of Carosa to flourish in luxury.

Available Positions 

Nobles, Cooks, Maids, Hunters, Debt Collectors, Personal Attendants

The Crescent Academy

The Crescent Academy is the heart of the sweeping estate that is Carcosa, with the bulk of the public space allocated to its many facilities. It is a place where learning is prized and no subject is too taboo for scholarly curiosity. The Academy deals in topics both magical and mundane.

While tuition was initially free, the Crescent Academy has recently started charging a fee to attend in order to maintain its classrooms and the salaries of qualified professors. Yet, the Academy staunchly believes no knowledge should be off limits to the larger population. Students who find themselves too poor to pay are welcome to work off their debt instead.

As an added bonus, the Crescent Academy has long been legally allowed to study necromancy due to its legal status in Cyrodiil, which makes it a popular destination for aspiring students with darker inclinations. It is a facility where one finds lessons on literature skills one day and a sordid introduction to corpse preparation the next.

Finally, the Academy is especially interested in locating, retrieving, and researching artifacts, making it an ideal destination for aspiring archaeologists and researchers.

Veil Knowledge

While outwardly entirely legitimate, the Academy also offers private classes for those within the Pact–namely classes on vampires, werebeasts, thralldom, and other related topics.

Available Positions 

Teachers, Students, Mages, Scholars, Apprentices, Enchanters, Alchemists, Astronomers, Dwemerologists, Scribes, Librarians, Researchers, Archaeologists

The Keep of Carcosa

Located near the Strid River in the southern Gold Coast, midway between Anvil and Kvatch, the keep of Carcosa serves as the home of House Valeio and its flourishing Crescent Academy.

The keep’s primary investors are the family of Amalthea Syrine and House Valeio, who have meticulously restored it over the past three years from the state of disrepair it had fallen in after decades of unuse. Today, while parts of the castle are clearly old and in a state of slight disrepair, the bulk of it has been beautifully restored in Niben style.

The grounds of Carcosa are well maintained. The Imperial statuary and high pillars are reminiscent of the Imperial City and the natural flora and fauna have been allowed to flourish. There are many elegant gardens surrounding the outside of the keep, as well as a variety of reflecting pools.

To the south of the keep is the Strid River, with a dock opening up to the Abecean Sea, visible from the main keep. The north of the grounds grow increasingly grown in, eventually becoming a heavy forest so dense the sky can barely be seen.

Huge stone gargoyles sit imposingly in strategic locations, as if keeping watch over the grounds–which they are, for each of the gargoyles is enchanted to defend the grounds should they ever fall under attack.

Veil Knowledge

The grounds of Carcosa are where the Crescent Pact make their home, with the forest to the north and the massive system of caves underground serving as the primary meeting places for the monsters who live among House Valeio. In addition to that, Carcosa itself is rumored to be haunted, with entire rooms supposedly appearing or disappearing at will–though there is little to substantiate these claims.