Cast of Characters

Guild Roster

(*) indicates an alt and not a main.

Amalthea Syrine

Role: Pact Mother (*)
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Imperial (Niben) | Vampire (Order) | 235

As the catalyst for the creation of the Crescent Pact and its leader, Amalthea enjoys a certain notoriety among the Pact. While she appreciates the need for camaraderie and openness between the Tribes, she is at her core a solitary creature, and can be difficult to get to know. Despite this proclivity and her darker inclinations, she is fiercely loyal and protective of her family–the Pact–and would die to defend them. Even so, she spends most of her time either in seclusion or in the company of her Thrall and betrothed, Dion Valeio.

Hooks: Matters to do with Pact leadership, the Stranger, the Order of the Dying Sun, or the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order

Brenya Liorentia Valeio

Role: Pact Archivist
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Imperial (Colovian) | Mortal (Thrall) | 18

Brenya is a bright young woman with an unconventional upbringing. Quite literally raised by monsters, her mother was the thrall to an Order vampire who wished to raise mortal children as his own family. This twisted past means she is exceedingly comfortable around vampires, especially in matters pertaining to thralldom, as she is the thrall and wife of Terrell Valeio. Though she focuses on scholarly pursuits, she also loves recreational combat and is a skilled duelist in the arena.

Hooks: Assistance in finding a book, research assistance, dagger combat instruction, thrall information, legal transcriptions or scribe work

Caius Valeio

Role: Dominus of House Valeio (*)
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Imperial (Niben) | Vampire (Order) | 63

Father of Terrell and Dion and a vampire of the Cyrodill Vampyrum Order, Caius serves as the Dominus of House Valeio – a noble Niben House based in Leyawiin and aligned with the Pact as an eastern extension of its sanctuary. Sparing little time for meaningless relationships that do not come with an advantage or useful alliance, his interactions with others may be described as forward and lacking empty courtesies or social embellishments. His business endeavors, while overtly pertaining to his family’s near-exclusive ownership of Leyawiin’s silver mines, surreptitiously revolve around the underworld exchange of information and illicit goods.

Hooks: Matters pertaining to the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, Imperial business endeavors, Leyawiin’s silver mining industry, underworld goods, spy networking and exchanges of information

Dion Valeio

Role: Poison-Maker & Draft Artist (*)
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Imperial/Breton (Niben) | Mortal (Thrall) | 25

Thrall of Amalthea and brother of Terrell, Dion serves the Pact as both a master poison-maker and draft artist. Though outwardly friendly, steadfast and pragmatic, there is far more to the young Lord than readily meets the eye. His true nature and motivations in life are very much a mystery, even to those who profess to know him well. He does not easily place his trust within others, but those whom he loves and respects will quickly discover that he is a loyal and devoted ally – ultimately preferring to work from the shadows to aid them in achieving their potentials.

Hooks: Persons seeking a poison-maker, jewellery-crafting, Alchemy and restorative potions, scientific research and experimentation.

Eisheth Ravnore

Role: Headmistress
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Imperial (Niben) | Vampire (Order) | 113

A noblewoman of House Ravnore and Childe to Lady Amalthea, she is known for her strict adherence to Imperial and Order decorum and laws. She seeks to impress these values upon others whenever possible and has a general distaste for “lesser” races and cultures. Though her high expectations make approaching her daunting to some, those that do will find that she is capable of considerable feats of patience in regards to those willing to try to learn.

Hooks: The Crescent Academy, Magic Training & Studies, Imperial Culture, Decorum, (Il)literacy, Pact Laws, The Veil, Thralls

Fielton Larethian

Role: Alpha of the Twin Manes, Gamekeeper
Tribe: The Twin Manes

Imperial | Werewolf (Thrall) | Early 20s

Fielton is a sometimes-contentious young man who spent most of his formative years in the forests of Valenwood, living alone and learning harsh lessons on survival when you can depend only on yourself. He returned to his homeland with no idea what he was doing, leading to some stumbles over his years with House Ravnore, including becoming a werewolf by accident. He eventually learned to live in society again and even became one of House Ravnore’s Praetorian Guard before their disbanding. Now he is Lady Eisheth’s thrall and champion, and the alpha of the Twin Manes.

Hooks: Matters of the Pact’s forests and the Twin Manes, monster hunting

Gaelan Kirre

Role: Combat medic of the Order of the Crescent
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Breton | Mortal | 30

New to the lands of Carcosa, Gaelan is just finding his place within the Pact. Loyal, kind-hearted and generous – sometimes to a fault – Gaelan left behind his father’s legacy and his family name in order to follow his true calling as a guardian and healer. This easy going Breton is usually seen with a friendly disposition and charming grin, but don’t let his flirty demeanor fool you. There’s a keen eye and quick wit behind that seemingly carefree nature. Ever willing to sacrifice for those he has sworn his allegiance to, Gaelan’s unique skills quickly earned him a place within the Order of the Crescent as a combat medic.

Hooks: Any persons seeking a guard, escort, or medic

Karsha Aglrob

Role: Mechanicus Scholar
Tribe: The Order of the Dying Sun

Orc | Vampire (Anthotis) | 226

Bold, brash, rude and affectionate of sharp objects, Karsha resides every stereotype an orcess could possibly have. However, beneath her haughty hide resides an individual with great intelligence and skill in the mechanical arts. Born of an orcish tribe, her beliefs of personal growth lead her to run from her tribe and pursue her scholarly goals. After 200 years of wandering from ruin to ruin, laboratory to laboratory, she settled with the Crescent Pact, knowing that their resources would be a great boon to her interests. She is very passionate for her work, and will ruthlessly defend her studies from attack. Once friendship and trust is gained, Karsha can be a very good drinking partner and bad influence.

Hooks: Mechanist, Physical trainer, Stewardess of the Observatory

Lelith Ravnore

Role: Pact Warden
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun; Coven of the Missing God

Imperial (Niben-Bosmer Halfmer) | Vampire (Scion) | 110

Lelith has very much been a pariah all her life. From being a child of mixed blood in an Imperial noble house, to being a Scion vampire thralled to Order kindred, she has never quite fit in no matter where she goes or who she interacts with. It is because of this that she can sometimes seem aloof or critical, perhaps even sarcastic. In actuality, she is compassionate and sympathetic, wanting to help more than hurt. Family comes first to Lelith, which is why she’s willing to defend the Pact at all costs.  

Hooks: Pact politics, Pact laws, mediation, monster hunting

Lin Kinsun

Role: Academy Student, Mage
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun; The Unguided

Breton | Vampire (Scion) | 105

Lin is a student of the Crescent Academy. Appearing to carry a mask on her face, and clothed from head to toe at all time. She’ll mostly be seen wandering around the Carcosa, aimlessly, even around the keep or library.

Hooks: Magic related, most especially Mysticism or Conjuration; causing childish troubles; the Keep’s kitchen troublemaker.

Morriel Grimthorn

Role: Professor
Tribe: The Naturals

Bosmer | Mortal | 396

Morriel is a long-serving presence at Carcosa, having served as a bodyguard, Majordomo, Champion, and now a Professor of the Crescent Academy. A former thrall who kept herself eternally young by vampiric blood and Alteration rituals, Morriel now finds herself unable to forestall her aging anymore. The Bosmer is a bright and friendly person who is always willing to welcome newcomers to the Pact but her friendly demeanor belies a positively ancient and out of sync outlook on the world. In Carcosa, Morriel is often seen either on the Academy grounds or at the arena, a sword always in hand.

Hooks: The Crescent Academy, Swordplay and Alteration Training, Instructor Registration, the Naturals, Ayleid Studies, Delving into Ruins.

Olyviana Valeio

Role: Matriarch; Witch (*)
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun; Coven of the Missing God

Breton | Vampire (Order) | 84

Olyviana has led a life of tragedy. The past year in particular brought so much unrelenting chaos as to leave her in a state of near madness. Miraculously, she was lured from the brink by her betrothed, Caius Valeio, only to discover latent occult talents which added to her supposed descent into insanity. While warm at her core, trauma has made her aloof and thoroughly reliant upon those few she trusts. Woe to those who violate her boundaries, for she has a rarely seen yet volatile temper and enjoys spending far too much time as a bat.

Hooks: Knowledge on thralldom, from both perspectives; information on the Pact’s past; psychometry and divination


Role: Knight of the Order of the Crescent
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Altmer | Vampire (Order) | 87

Tellindil is a lifelong soldier who hails from a noble family in Summerset. He served primarily in the Royal Altmeri Marines and later became a veteran of the War of the Three Banners, during which he found a new allegiance to House Ravnore. Since then the high elf has lended his newfound family his devotion and military expertise, helping to establish an armed force and win wars and skirmishes. He enjoys being around vampires and other monsters, although he tends to look down on civillians he does enjoys learning new things and isn’t averse to conversation with different kinds of people.

Hooks: Matters of the Veil, military strategy, martial training, sparring.

Terrellius Accipitus Valeio

Role: Knight Commander
Tribe: Order of the Dying Sun

Imperial (Niben) | Vampire (Aundae) | 44

Ostentatious yet honorable, Terrell’s unwavering devotion to those sheltering beneath the Banner of the Pact saw him rise from a Caitiff sellsword to the Knight Commander of the Order of the Crescent. Born in Leyawiin as the eldest heir to a noble House, the Niben’s tragic past saw him embraced against his will and inducted into a cult of Vaermina only to find redemption through his service in safeguarding both his mortal wife and Thrall, Brenya, and the Pact itself. Though outwardly cold and formal to most, he is passionate and loyal to those in whom he places his trust. 

Hooks: Matters of the Veil, Pact security, the Order of the Crescent and the Order of the Dying Sun.