An alliance of knights, supernaturals, and scholars

The Crescent Pact is an alliance between an order of Imperial Knights and a flourishing Academy. The Order of the Crescent defend the inhabitants of the Crescent Academy, ensuring the protection and preservation of ancient knowledge, both magical and mundane.

At least, that’s what the general public knows.

In secret, it is a conclave of individuals, both mortal and supernatural, whom society would shun if their True Natures were known. The need for protection encourages strange bedfellows, drawing a common line between cultures that would otherwise seem alien to each other. Within the shelter of their lands, vampires, werebeasts, witches, and outcasts work alongside scholars and knights, united by a pact signed in blood.

To join the Crescent Pact is to inherit a new family, one who will defend each other to their dying breaths, provided they uphold the oaths of fealty which unite them.


The Crescent Pact is a recently formed alliance with a much longer past. The primary benefactors of the Pact are the three ladies of House Ravnore, the owners of the keep of Carcosa whose lands comprise the sanctuary of the Pact. House Ravnore boasts a long and complicated history, both as an upstanding Imperial house and its status as a secret coven in service to the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order.

After the Soulburst, the once prosperous house was beleaguered by wars, betrayals, and deaths which saw the house eventually fall under the scrutiny of their Betters in the Order.

Their wings effectively clipped, the House was forced to change strategy in order to survive. The path forward was made clear when the Lady Regent of the House received visions of a strange, shadowy figure who identified himself only as the Stranger. Under the guidance of this mysterious entity, the Crescent Pact was born, one banner to unite a variety of cultures who would otherwise never have trusted each other, yet alone bonded to each other in mutual protection.

The keep of Carcosa was repurposed as the campus of the public face of the banner, the Crescent Academy. Carcosa’s surrounding grounds comprise the training grounds for the Knightly Order of the Crescent, while the expansive forest serves as a sanctuary the werebeasts, witches, and outcasts of the Pact may indulge their true natures. The vampires of the Pact have a secret haven on Carcosa’s grounds as well, though many choose to hide in plain sight among mortals.

A Triumvirate was instituted to keep Pact laws, few as they are; the Ladies Ravnore who oversee the grounds, the Master of Arcanum who oversees the Crescent Academy, and the Knight Commander who oversees the Order of the Crescent.

Publicly, though the Pact is open to individuals of all races and cultures, the overarching culture remains Imperial. Privately, all cultures are welcome, provided they leave their biases at the door and work together for the good of all.

OOC Information

Customize your role

Above all else, we want every individual character to feel important to the overall guild story. This means, while there are specific sections of the guild’s overarching structure, we don’t place on emphasis on divisions the way many guilds do. Instead, we want you to decide what you would have most fun having your character do–and then do it! Whether this is straightforward (such as simply being an Academy student) or highly specialized (such as being a herbalist for the witch coven), if it doesn’t clash with our overall theme, we will happily make a place for you.

RP Themes

Our guild’s RP has several themes: a Knightly Order, an Academy, and the Tribe of supernatural creatures and monsters who secretly live on the grounds. These facets are as united or separated as our members wish them to be, with some focusing on one over the others and others maintaining an equal balance between them.

Freeform RP

The bulk of our RP is based around daily/nightly unscripted, freeform RP. This means our members meet up in one of the guild houses and RP whatever they please. One night that might mean an adventure, sparring, or magical study, and another night that may mean casual socializing or a tense witchy sacrifice in the woods. We believe strongly that you get out what you put in, so whatever type of RP you seek in the guild, you are likely to find it if you actively look for it or create it!


We do have frequent events, from DMed plot events to freeform social events such as holidays, lectures, and gatherings, but our emphasis is always on daily RP rather than a reliance on events.

Character Sheets

We utilize a detailed, immersive character sheet system. This system is designed from the ground up just for our guild and has been praised even by those who usually don’t like character sheets. While every member of the guild is required to have a sheet, you also aren’t required to use it if rolling and combat events aren’t your thing. But for those who do enjoy sheets, you can expect to find a dynamic system of character perks, progression, and individuality which makes dice rolls feel meaningful rather than purely random.


We have recently opened an Academy which serves as the publicly accessible heart of the Pact. With it, we’ve instituted a system of teaching and learning RP which makes it rewarding to RP students and instructors in a variety of topics—schools of magic, combat training, and lectures on virtually any topic imaginable. While participation in the Academy isn’t required to join, it is encouraged!

Character Advancement

We believe character progression—that is, the growth and natural change that occurs when characters form relationships with each other and their skills and motivations progress—is one of the most important parts of RP. As a result, we are always willing to work with you to progress your character in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone involved. We put value on every member of the guild and love to help everyone carve out a niche where their character can flourish.

Lore Focus

Lore is very important to us. While we do use supplemental fanon to fill in the blanks–such as about the day to day lives of vampires and thralls, which are not addressed in lore–we believe in adhering to the game’s canon wherever possible. As a result, we do not allow custom/fanon bloodlines for vampires, since there are already plenty of varied and interesting lore bloodlines to pick from. When it comes to things such as unique applications of magic, we are much more lenient, provided your character isn’t demonstrating god powers.

Age Limits

We are an 18+ mature guild. Our guild RP commonly contains the darker elements you would expect to find in a guild of vampires, witches, and monsters, from sensuality to violence, though we are story-focused first and foremost. You won’t find torture porn or random sleaze here—just quality, gritty, serious RP.

OOC Culture

We are an OOCly laid back group, with most of our members being in the 25+ bracket. If the occasional crass sense of humor will upset you, we aren’t a good fit, but we also take member comfort seriously and have a no drama policy.

Heavy RP

We define heavy RP as a setting where RP takes place on a daily basis (though not all members are required to RP that often). We regularly convene as a guild in certain locations for daily RP, but you are also strongly encouraged to RP wherever and whenever you wish! Every member is expected to help create RP by engaging and collaborating with the rest of the guild.


The majority of our guild RP takes place in our numerous player houses that comprise our keep and its surrounding grounds. However, the keep’s IC location is on the Gold Coast, and we do frequently make use of it in open world RP such as in Kvatch, Anvil, or the surrounding countryside. For this reason, we strongly recommend you have access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC (which grants access to the Gold Coast), though this is not absolutely required if you’re willing to miss out on the public portions of our RP.

RP Standards

We are strong proponents of the concept of IC actions equaling IC consequences. We believe the most critically important aspect of RP is upholding the line between IC and OOC and ensuring everyone holds each other to the same standards. We feel consequences make RP feel more meaningful, since if there is “risk” to RP, character success and progression feels infinitely more rewarding. If you feel all RP is good RP and there are by default no rules to RP, then we likely are not a good fit. We place quality over quantity in all things.


We actively seek members who wish to be a part of an active community. For that reason, we have activity requirements and keep the roster up to date with actively RPing members only. If you can only RP once a month or are in four other heavy RP guilds, we aren’t a good fit.


We recruit ALL races–man, mer, and betmer. We even make special allowances for more unusual concepts, but only as alts, once you have completed the trial process on a more grounded character. 

Discord & Enjin

We make heavy use of our Discord server as well as our active Enjin forum for things such as rumors to be used in RP, event announcements, IC letters, and just socializing. We do not allow voice chat during RP and we don’t have Discord RP channels, preferring RP to be done in game. Use of our site & server are supplemental rather than the focus over the game, but it is required to join them.

Eligible Characters

There are two sides of the guild: The Pact, which refers to the publicly known alliance anyone can join, and the Tribe, which refers to the secret ‘family’ of supernaturals and monsters who make Carcosa their home.

We provide a unique structure which is based around maximizing IC and OOC strengths. Those who come to the Pact have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles. Instead of having random guards and scholars, we try to instead give every single character a unique role and duties so everyone feels like a unique and valued part of the whole.

In addition, the secret side of the Crescent Pact is comprised of multiple cultural groups, known as Tribes, who all possess some attribute that makes them shunned by mundane society. It is possible, and even encouraged, for there to be overlap between Tribes, such as a werewolf who is also a witch and a vampire who is also an outcast.

In essence, every character needs to ultimately have both a role and a tribe to maximize their experience in the guild, though there is also ample opportunity for uninitiated mortals who are unaware of the Pact’s secret.

We allow multiple entry points into the guild story. It is acceptable to come in already knowing our secret, and it’s also acceptable to find out over time IC. However, since it’s a matter of life and death for our characters if their secret is discovered, we ask patience if you hope to RP every step of the journey out. If you won’t be happy until your character is initiated, it is likely best to start there.


The public front of the guild has two overarching sides: The Knightly Order, the Academy, and the Staff who serve them.

The Order of the Crescent houses the guards and knights of the Pact, those who focus on protection, security, and ensuring the Pact’s tenants and laws are upheld. Their goal is not to oppress, but to ensure those under the banner live in relative harmony, though any threats to the sanctuary are dealt with extreme prejudice.
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The Crescent Academy is the heart of the Pact, entrenching its standing in Imperial society through a public institution of learning. It is focused on preserving and distributing knowledge of all forms and is currently taking both students and instructors.
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In addition to this, the keep of Carcosa and its surrounding grounds are always in need of Staff, from servants to skilled artisans who make much-needed wares.
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Finally, it is acceptable to have a role that is exclusively behind the veil of the Pact, such as a dedicated witch. Though, to maximize RP opportunities, most characters tend to have a public “front” for their role.


Order of the Dying Sun

A fraternity of vampires hailing from a variety of different vampiric bloodlines and clans. Regardless of one’s beliefs or background, the Dying Sun are linked together through unlife, often choosing to hide in plain sight under the banner of the Pact. The Dying Sun also welcomes the mortals who choose to serve vampires, be it through thralldom or blood.
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Coven of the Missing God

Comprised of witches and gypsies, the Coven is primarily based out of the forests of Carcosa, where those gifted in mysterious arts carry out their rituals which ward the sanctuary and scry the future. In addition, there are a number of gypsies well aware of the Tribe’s secret who live in the forest, often working as an entertainment troup in public venues.
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The Twin Manes

A pack of werebeasts of all types, the Twin Manes inhabit the forest during the times of the full moon, where they are encouraged to hunt—provided they cause no harm to the Coven who also resides there. Their hierarchy is similar to a wolf pack, and its leadership is inherently tenuous as a result, since a challenge can and will be issued if either position is deemed to be filled by someone too weak.
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The Unguided

True victims of fate. This Tribe maintains a number of beings which are suffering at the hand of supernatural affliction that is entirely out of their control. Either they require assistance to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives or they require containment in order to not hurt others. The Unguided are often looked upon with mercy and empathy by the Pact, though that does not stop them from being utilized as something more fearsome when necessary.
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Those who have been initiated to the secret of the Crescent Pact but are not yet a part of a Tribe. Neophytes are honored higher than Naturals, but hold a tenuous position. To learn of the Tribe’s existence is to court death, for each neophyte is expected to prove themselves worthy of ascending to a true place in a Tribe. If they do not, they will be sacrificed to the Stranger for the good of all.
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The mundane. These mortals, who swear loyalty to the Pact, bear no discernable attribute that would see them protected by the Tribe itself. While it is expected for them to aid in the Tribe in any way possible, they are also shielded from the harsher beings that the Tribe protects. In the event that a natural becomes something more, they will be accepted into the Tribe with open arms.
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If you are interested in joining the Crescent Pact, please visit our Enjin guild site. You will need to join our site and then click the “Application” button. It is also a good idea to check out the Required Reading section of our forum to learn more about our RP.

Please feel free to send any of the officers any questions before applying if you’d like further information!

GM Contacts


Terrell Valeio#3626