Guild Charter

IC Code of Conduct

Since the Crescent Pact has a public and private face, we also have two sides of our IC laws: those of the Pact, and those of the Tribe.

The Pact refers to the publicly known alliance between the Crescent Academy and Order of the Crescent. You can see a full list of the laws we abide by here. They can be summarized as follows: 

  • Breeches of decorum, theft, assault, rape, treason, and murder are penalized according to the seriousness of the crime.
  • The Pact also carries special laws for those who break the veil (i.e. intentionally or unintentionally revealing the presence of supernatural creatures to uninitiated mortals).

The Tribe, the secret sanctuary of supernatural creatures and mortals friendly to them, have their own laws. You can see the 10 Laws of the Tribe here. They can be summarized as follows:

  • The Tribe comes before all else. Differences in religion and culture are allowed and even encouraged, but should be kept private among like-minded individuals and not used to insult others. 
  • The Tribe is like a family and must protect and shelter itself. Harm against another in the Tribe is harm against oneself.
  • The Stranger, the mysterious entity credited for creation of the Pact, is to be honored by all.

OOC Code of Conduct

Members are expected to behave in a way that presents themselves and the guild in a positive light. This means we do not endorse any of the following:

  • Metagaming (taking OOC knowledge IC)
  • Godmoding (forcing actions/deciding what happens to another character)
  • Trolling (yes, even against non-RPers)
  • Mixing IC/OOC (i.e. taking an OOC grievance IC)
  • Showboating (expecting your character to be the center of attention at all times)
  • Avoiding logical IC consequences for IC actions

We do not consider guild chat, either in game or in Discord, to be a safe space—meaning you may encounter views that do not align with your own. However, we also do not tolerate members being rude or antagonistic to each other. Everyone understands sometimes you’re just having a bad day and react poorly, but if it’s a recurring trend, it will be addressed.

We are an 18+ guild with the majority of the member base in the 30 and over age range. This means there is a certain level of maturity required in chat, though of course we often joke around.

We also firmly believe that members should try to fit the guild rather than vice versa.

Application Process

The Crescent Pact is currently open for recruitment. To join, all you need to do is to fill out our application and wait to hear back.

Assuming your application is approved, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Read all the threads in the Required Reading section and post in the Read & Sign thread
  • Create and post a character profile
  • Join the Discord server
  • Ask for an invite to the in-game guild

Trial Status

Once you join the guild, you will be on trial status for the next 2 weeks (14 days). This counter starts the day you join the in-game guild, not the day you submit your application.

While you are on your trial period, we highly recommend you present yourself to the best of your ability. We have limited space, and want to make sure our members all fit together well without clashing personality types or RP preferences.

Please note that these policies are in place for the benefit of our trials as well, since we know full well we are not the guild for everyone. It is important to us that everyone enjoys their time with the guild, and sometimes part of that is politely declining trials and wishing them well.

However, if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to proceed, you should NEVER hesitate to contact one of our officers! We are very friendly and more than willing to work with you, so long as you’re willing to work with us.

OOC Expectations:
Much like any new environment, it is important to understand your audience and the people you’re interacting with. Inappropriate behavior during the trial period will be scrutinized closely. Overtly political, sexual, or violent topics repeatedly brought up by trials may result in dismissal. This is an environment full of people with various beliefs, ideals, and tolerances. Trials should be sensitive to the culture of the guild and understand what is tolerated and what is not.

IC Expectations:
We fully understand people have drastically different playtimes, and that real life always comes first. However, we are an active guild and it is important that you make an effort to engage us and RP while on your trial period. You should have ample time to complete your introduction, integrate your character into the Pact in some position, and get to know other characters while on your trial.

Every character needs to be introduced to the guild upon joining. It is important to note that we expect members to come to us rather than having to chase them down. What this means is, the Pact will not ICly beg your character to join, nor will we engage in an antagonistic introduction (kidnapping, arresting your character for breaking in, or anything of the sort). There is plenty of time for engaging plotlines once you’re in the guild; becoming a part of the guild should go fairly smoothly without placing your character in an antagonistic position.

Examples of appropriate introductions are:

  • Your character is seeking to join the Knightly Order and seeks work without knowing our secret;
  • Your character wishes to attend the Crescent Academy as a student or instructor without knowing our secret;
  • Your character is either a vampire or werebeast themselves or a mortal aware of them, has heard “underground” whispers from other monsters that a secret coven can be found here, and so they show up seeking sanctuary;
  • Your character is a witch seeking to join a coven of likeminded witches and hears of us through the witchy means of your choosing;
  • Your character already worked for the Pact in some capacity, basically moving from background NPC to main character; works best for servants, soldiers, and members of the Tribes;
  • Your character was a previous member of House Ravnore, the primary investors in the Crescent Pact and our previous guild name, and wishes to now rejoin as part of the Pact;
  • Your character has a terrible affliction or is otherwise a creature unfit for living in open mortal society, and has heard of the sanctuary we offer;
  • Most other introductions that involve your character seeking ours out and offering something in exchange.

Trials are allowed to attend any events they wish, including DMed events, but are not eligible for character sheet perks or modifiers while on their trial period (i.e. any rolls required are done with a flat 20).

Character Sheets:
In order to move off trial status, you will need to complete your character sheet. However, since sheets are subject to approval and are approved monthly, that means you will not be able to use your sheet and its modifiers until you are off your trial period.

Full Member Expectations

Members are expected to maintain a reasonably active IC and OOC presence, and to let us know (via the absence thread on the forums) if you won’t be around for an extended period of time. We consider ‘active’ to mean you RP at least once a week and make what events you can.

Members also must uphold our OOC code of conduct at all times and be willing to acknowledge consequences for breaking our IC code of conduct.

Members should be helpful to each other, but also respect the guild hierarchy.

Members should stay involved on an OOC level as well as simply logging in to RP, i.e. socializing in gchat or Discord, staying current with new guild policies, systems, and events, and making sure they aren’t missing anything interesting on the forums.

The supplemental resources such as Discord, Enjin, and this website are all here to make the guild a more immersive environment. If you find reading such things annoying and just want to show up in game and RP casually, we likely aren’t a good fit.

Alt Policy

Full members are allowed to introduce alts to the guild, provided the alt is a character that fits with the guild’s theme and will be RPed at least periodically. We strongly advise you not to add more alts to the guild than will actually have some form of guild presence, no matter how small; nobody likes looking at the profile section and seeing swarms of profiles from characters that nobody has ever met.

We also require every member to have one clearly defined main. You are allowed to switch your main, but you need to be deeply integrated with the guild on at least one character, rather than having 5 alts that barely know anyone.

In order to be eligible to be RPed with the guild, each alt you wish to introduce must have a profile posted. You will also need to arrange an IC introduction with the Pact, unless the alt is coming in already a part of the guild, such as saying they are a long-standing member of the witch coven, etc.

Lore Adherence

We place massive emphasis on remaining a lore-friendly guild. While we do endorse using fanon to fill in the gaps, which we are forced to do since there isn’t much lore on the day-to-day lives of vampires, werewolves, and witches, we make a very important distinction: We use fanon to fill in the gaps left by lore, not to contradict existing lore.

We expect every character to fit in with our views of lore and strive to cultivate an immersive environment where everyone feels as if they are living within the world of Tamriel. This means any fanon elements must seamlessly blend with established ES lore rather than simply transplanting a concept from another universe into ES (i.e. don’t copy/paste a concept from Warhammer into our guild and act like it’s your idea).


Crescent Pact places massive emphasis upon accepting IC consequences for IC actions.

You can read our full consequences and permadeath policy here, but the summary is:

  • We expect every member to play their character in a way that prevents us from having to twist the narrative (i.e. forcing us to come up with a reason why we wouldn’t just kill a character that betrayed us and seemed like a massive liability).
  • If your character suffers a consequence IC, such as an injury, you must be willing to logically RP the after effects instead of waving a magic wand and pretending it’s all fine now.
  • You must be willing to accept the fact that your character is free to do whatever he or she wants—but so is everyone else’s character. Meaning, if your character offends another, bad things may befall your character.
  • We strive not to be oppressive or restrictive, but we also play our characters logically and ask that this be respected. The entire RP experience is cheapened if nobody’s actions matter.

The Veil

We refer to the Veil frequently in our RP; it is how we reference the fact we are secretly a Tribe of vampires, werebeasts, witches, and other supernatural entities. To “break the Veil” is to intentionally or unintentionally betray the Pact’s monstrous secrets to unaware mortals, which carries heavy consequences IC.

But it is important to understand the entirety of the guild’s RP is based around there being these two distinct sides of the Pact. The Crescent Pact attends public server events, because nobody outside of our walls knows what we really are. You will never see us flashing our fangs in bars or publicly announcing we are monsters. In short, if it was publicly known we were monsters, we would be hunted down and killed.

This level of secrecy even extends to some of our guild housing. In other words, it should be assumed that not everyone in every scene knows about the secret. Member of the Pact must uphold the Veil at all times, which means unless you joined the guild already knowing our secret (which is allowed), you must be willing to be patient in earning the IC trust to be initiated.


The guild has daily RP, often into the late night/early morning (EST) hours. We also have regular RP events, averaging 5-10 a month. Much of our RP takes place internally within our numerous player homes which make up the grounds of our keep, Carcosa, but we also support server RP–especially events that take place within the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil.

The bulk of our RP can be summed up as slice of life, since even our heroic/combat-focused characters tend to RP going about their day to day lives. However, there is also ample room in the guild for sparring, adventuring, combat and magic training, DMed events, freeform social events, and everything in between.

We tend to always have overarching plots which give daily RP direction and try to give each member a specific role in the guild rather than being “random fighter” or “random mage”. The variety of roles available in our guild means that even non-combat or servant characters have plenty to do.


We are an active guild, which means people who can only play a couple times a month aren’t a good fit for us. We understand real life comes first and do not have stringent guidelines for what constitutes active. Generally, as long as you RP a minimum of once a week you will be fine.

We also require some form of OOC presence—it isn’t considered being active if you occasionally come RP but have nothing to do with the guild in guild chat, discord, or on the forums.

It should be noted that people who put forth the bare minimum (i.e. showing up once a week for 30 minutes) will likely eventually be removed for inactivity. This is up to the discretion of the officers and is due to the desire to keep the roster small and focused on the people who are most active to the guild, rather than virtual strangers.

On top of that, since many members RP daily, if you can only RP very rarely you will likely feel left behind as storylines progress without you.


We periodically remove members for inactivity, typically once a month. This means if you have been offline for 30 days, or have stopped communicating with us OOC, or have been on hiatus for a long time, you may get removed from the guild.

However, being removed from the guild is not a penalty. You are allowed to rejoin when you have time again provided you were a member in good standing, but reinvites will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have repeatedly joined the guild, gone inactive, and been removed, we will eventually decline your request to return, since we want active and invested players.

Forum Use

One of Crescent Pact’s main selling features is our active, expansive website. The website allows members to post events, RP hooks, IC messages, stories/journals, forum RP, and much more. While we have no policy requiring posting, we do highly recommend members look at the site frequently in order to stay current with what’s going on with the guild.

It is recommended you look at the site once a day to make sure you aren’t missing anything; it’s fast, and keeps you in the loop. If you can’t look daily, you should at least look on the days you are able to RP.

Discord Use

We have an active Discord server and highly recommend using it for OOC communication with the guild. It is a great way to get to know guild members OOC and feel a part of our community. On top of that, our announcements channel is regularly used for reminders about events and other news regarding the guild.

Members who never look at Discord may wind up feeling out of the loop from missed announcements or conversations, though of course we don’t expect you to use it 24/7 or read every message in there. We do place emphasis on being a community, though, so socializing always helps!

Voice Chat Policy

We do have a voice channel in Discord, but have specific rules for its use.

  • Discord’s voice chat can be used for running PVE/PVP content or just socializing OOC.
  • However, members are not allowed to be in voice chat while RPing—no exceptions.

We ask guild members to remember voice chat is a privilege and not a right. There have been incidents in the past where the channel was abused with people only talking in there, to the exclusion of members trying to talk to them in chat. 

For example, someone asking a question in guild chat and being told to get in voice isn’t acceptable—voice is purely optional and no one should feel forced to use it, nor should it ever be used to the detriment of RP.

In addition, sitting in voice chat and complaining about other members of the guild, or attempting to create an “us vs them” voice clique, is considered extremely inappropriate and may result in removal from the guild.

Mature Content Policy

Guild chat and Discord should generally be considered a NSFW setting just because of language used and memes posted that you definitely wouldn’t want your boss seeing. However, we draw the line at outright pornography. Context matters; posting a tasteful nude commission of your character is one thing, but posting porn (even to laugh at it) is not allowed.

That doesn’t mean we heavily censor things, because we don’t–but no photos of real life naked people, no graphic hentai porn and you will probably be okay.