Crescent Pact boasts several unique features which make our roleplay unique from the average ESO RP guild. These features have been well-developed over time to give our members unique things to do and work towards. You can view them below!

The arena is a monthly competition that pits members of the Pact against each other in the spirit of friendly competition. Becoming the champion of a month, let alone the champion of a season, earns bragging rights.

The Pact newspaper, the Chronicle is made up of articles both educational and frivolous. Topics range from scholarly, informative articles, to advertisements, to personal ads, to fictional stories.

The taskboard exists as a means for anyone in the Pact to host a small 2-5 person mission. This gives them the opportunity to further story on a small, inclusive scale as well as practice DMing.

A part of our in-depth character sheet system, the teaching system was specifically created to make teaching and learning feel meaningful and give characters a sense of progression.