Structure & Divisions


The Crescent Pact doesn’t utilize divisions in the traditional sense, but it does have sections of the Pact that serve as the primary catalysts for RP.

It’s easier to view these sections as the different pillars which support the overall guild storyline, rather than divisions individual characters must join and be bound to.

We prefer every member of the Pact has a distinct, defined role to enhance both personal and group RP. This means some members may choose to work entirely for one facet of the Pact, while others may have their fingers in as many pies as makes sense for the character.

In other words, instead of being a random face in the crowd, we want every guild member to have a specialized role, since this immediately gives RP hooks and reasons for others to interact with your character.

The different divisions of the guild are absolutely not insular or cliquish. While those within a division logically work together frequently, the overarching goal of guild RP is to have all the facets of the Pact working together in a cohesive way.

Chain of Command

While we don’t have the stringent hierarchy of a noble house, there is still leadership.

The acting head of the Pact, or Pact Mother, is the ultimate authority–though she claims to derive her authority from the Stranger. Rather than lording over the denizens of the Pact, her role is to ensure all facets are working in tandem to protect all under the banner, from the supernatural to the mundane.

Below the Pactmother is the Triumvirate, which is made up of the Knight Commander of the Knightly Order, the Headmistress of the Academy, and the Pact Warden. The Triumvirate, on top having authority in their respective sections of the Pact, serve as the law and order of the Pact when a judgment is required.

All other members of the Pact are assigned a role (or roles) according to their skillset. Most are expected to have a public role and a private one–such as an Academy archivist who is also part of the Order of the Dying Sun.

Some members of the Pact may achieve a degree of authority of their own, such as trusted individuals which have been appointed to oversee specific duties, or those who act in the name of the leadership in some capacity. These individuals are considered contacts for specific facets of Pact RP, but have no OOC leadership attached to their role. At the end of the day, all members of the Pact must answer to the Triumvirate and the Pact Mother.

Even so, the normal members of the Pact are largely considered equal in importance, if not standing. While a member of the Pact may have dominion over a specific sphere, it never gives them a right to subjugate another, since one of the overarching themes of the Pact is that we are a family that is only as strong as its weakest link.

In other words, a simplified chain of command is:
Pact Mother >> Triumvirate >> All other Pact members

The Leadership of the Pact

Lady Amalthea Syrine, Pact Mother
The Pact Mother is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the Pact and maintaining reverent contact with the Stranger.

Lord Dion Valeio, Legate
The Legate represents the Pact Mother in all matters, capable of acting in her name in all matters concerning the Pact, large and small.

Lady Lelith Zenunim, Pact Warden
The Pact Warden is responsible for creating Pact laws as well as overseeing its secret holdings, namely the Reliquary and the Forest.

Lady Eisheth Ravnore, Headmistress
The Headmistress oversees the Crescent Academy and all the instructors within. Responsible for organizing group research and ensuring the Academy functions smoothly.

Sir Terrellius Valeio, Knight Commander
The Knight Commander leads the Order of the Crescent, overseeing the Templars, Knights, and Guards who protect the Pact.

The Order of the Crescent

The Order of the Crescent are the Knights who provide the protection of the grounds of Carcosa and all the members of the Pact. It is Imperial in origin, and follows the hierarchy of an Imperial Knightly Order, though Pact members of all races are welcome.

The Order is led by the Knight Commander, who oversees a group of specialized Knights, and beneath them, Squires. Finally, Guards serve as the lowest rank, those who intend to train and become proper Knights.

But security comes in more than brute strength. In addition to its armed forces, the Order oversees the spies and investigators of the Pact, putting their unique skills to use in gathering the intelligence needed to keep Carcosa and its denizens safe.

In the most dire of situations, the Order can invoke a Crusade. This unites the different aspects of the Pact, temporarily reorganizing the structure so as to commit all forces to a given endeavor, be it war or something else requiring a drastic amount of force. Such occurrences are extremely rare, but if a Crusade is called, all must answer for the good of the entire Pact.

In times of peace, the Order ensures the grounds are kept free of threats and individual members of the Pact are kept safe in their travels.

Knight Commander:
Sir Terrellius Accipitus Valeio 

Dominus Caius Accipitus Valeio | Spymaster, oversees investigators and spies

Oversees the Following Roles:
Knights, Squires, Guards, Cavalry, Monster Hunters, Investigators, Spies, Assassins

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The Crescent Academy

The heart of the Pact’s longstanding status in Imperial society, the Crescent Academy facilitates instruction in a variety of topics both magical and mundane.

Comprised of talented mages and scholars, the primary goal behind the Academy’s existence is to preserve and distribute knowledge, be it how to cast a complicated spell or how to learn to read. Combat training is also a popular field of study.

As an added bonus, the Crescent Academy has long been legally allowed to study necromancy due to legal status in Cyrodiil, which makes it a popular destination for aspiring students with darker inclinations.

The Academy is currently taking students as well as hiring instructors willing to impart their knowledge from everything from martial combat to complex schools of magic.

Lady Eisheth Ravnore, Headmistress

Lady Brenya Liorentia Valeio | Archivist, oversees the entire Pact library
Morriel Grimthorn | Professor, in charge of Academy admissions
Viatryx Silas | Professor, in charge of Academy admissions

Oversees the Following Roles:
Mages, Scholars, Teachers, Students, Apprentices, Enchanters, Alchemists, Astronomers, Dwemerologists, Scribes, Librarians, Researchers, Archaeologists

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The Staff

The staff are a thankless yet incredibly vital facet of the Pact. While staff are seldom bound for glory, without them, the Pact would crumble to nothing. The keep of Carcosa boasts a large day staff, many of which are oblivious to the Pact’s secret, as well as an extensive night staff which helps ensure the veil is upheld at all costs.

The staff is comprised of well-paid servants that ensure a keep of this size functions in an efficient manner, from maids to stablehands to skilled laborers and everything in between. Personal attendants fall under this umbrella, as do blood servants who ensure the vampires of the Pact can discretely feed. The staff’s influence extends across the entire grounds, including those whose only role is to tend to the Tribes and the forest which shelters them.

Finally, the staff attends to the comfort of guests who have come to Carcosa seeking sanctuary or employment and watch over them until they have reached a final appointment, be it to the staff itself or another division.

The Triumvirate

Oversees the Following Roles:
Staff, Servants, Guests, Hunters, Business Employees, Debt Collectors

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