CS – Teaching System


The purpose of the teaching system is to add a straightforward way for characters to learn and grow based on the guild’s Academy RP. We wish to encourage lateral progression rather than merely earning new skillpoints, though there is a skillpoint advancement perk as well.

For the moment, most rewards are generic with only a few skills having unique abilities. Over time, the system will continue to evolve with new additions. Please note that the points required to unlock reward perks are subject to tweaking as well, after we see how fast people earn points; we want it to feel rewarding without being instant gratification.

Academy Structure

Points may be earned from the following activities:

Classes with Practical Application – 5 points
Research & Publications – 3 points
Lectures – 2 points
Private Lessons – 1 point
Peer Study – 0.5 points

Note that both teachers and students earn points for the above.

Classes and lectures are scheduled guild-wide events open to anyone in the Pact, i.e. group lessons. Practical classes involve physically practicing whatever is being taught, while lectures are verbal explanations and debate.

Private lessons take place between an approved instructor and one or more students.

Research and publications involve writing an informational article for the Chronicle. For it to count towards points, the article must be academic in nature with the intent to teach the reader.

Peer study involves two or more students practicing a skill together to further their education.


Characters who wish to teach must register as an official instructor in the Academy.

Teachers may be in any Pact division or Tribe and still teach at the Academy, as long as they are registered as instructors.

For the purpose of the teaching system, only subjects represented on our skill list are eligible for inclusion. You may teach a class with a different name other than a skill, but it must still apply to a specific skill or skill category (listed below).

Instructors must record attendance (i.e. who was present, engaged and participating), the skill or category in which points were earned, along with a short synopsis of the lecture or lesson’s events to the Master List thread.


Anyone in the Pact may attend any lesson. Students don’t need to sign up and can also be registered instructors themselves.

There are no division restrictions to attending academy classes. The only potential restrictions come in the form of IC limits such as a given character being forbidden from studying a dangerous/proscribed topic such as necromancy, or else veil topics (such as thralldom) being forbidden to those unaware of the Pact’s secret.


Much like profiles or character sheets, every character in the guild will have their own thread where their character’s academic record is kept.

The Participation post on the forums will track points earned through the teaching system. Every time a character successfully attends a class or completes a lesson with another member of the Pact, the instructor will post on the thread with the name(s) of the characters present as well as the points earned. The posts of individual characters will then be updated with those totals.

Points can be earned to unlock additional perks and unique rewards. When a character wishes to buy a reward, they must post in the Purchasing thread with what they wish to unlock and then submit a CS Update with the details.

Please be aware that “vapor” or offscreen RP does not count for teaching RP. All teaching scenes must be RPed out to count.

Skill Categories

For simplicity’s sake, points may be earned in two ways: Either in specific skills, or in a category.

For instance, some perks may require a specific skill, such as illusion magic, to unlock a perk. Other perks may just require Magic as a category, with the points having come from illusion, destruction, and alteration classes.

The categories are as follows:

Alchemy, Artist, Bard, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Hunting, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Provisioning, Tailoring, Woodworking

1-Hand Axe, 1-Hand Blade, 1-Hand Blunt, 2-Hand Axe, 2-Hand Blade, 2-Hand Blunt, Bow, Exotic Weapons, Staves, Spear, Unarmed, Throwing Weapons, Unarmored, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shield

Infiltration, Military Tactics, Spying, Streetwise, Survival

For all other lecture topics that do not fit in a skill that is part of the CS system—history, religion, astronomy, etc.

Field Medicine, First Aid, Restoration

Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, Necromancy, Restoration, Shadow Magic

Acrobatics, Athletics, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Riding, Sailing, Stealth

Intimidate, Mercantile, Persuasion, Resilience

Beast Mastery, Dwemerologist, Scholar, Scribe

For all instruction, under the veil, pertaining to vampires, werebeasts, thralls, etc.

Academy Perks

All perks that don’t have a category after them may be purchased with points of any type.

When you sucessfully deal damage to a target who is unaware of you being a danger(stealthed, disguised, or carrying a concealed weapon) you deal +1 damage(not multiplied on a critical hit). You can do this once per combat.
5 points between Stealth or Infiltration

You learn to ignore pain, doing an extra +1 damage on every successful hit at the expense of doing +1 to yourself.
15 points in Combat

If a party member is about to die from a fatal blow, you may take that blow instead. The blow will immediately drop you to zero health regardless of where your health was prior to the blow. This perk can only be used on people within a reachable distance of the perk user.
5 points

Dark Arts
You gain a 19-20 crit range to dark schools of magic—necromancy, shadow magic, and conjuration—but you suffer an increased critical failure chance (1-2) with those same skills.
10 points in Necromancy, Shadow Magic, or Conjuration

You gain an extra +1 to both persuasion and intimidation rolls.
10 points in Mental

Expose Weakness
After landing a successful hit, you can declare that you are exposing your targets weakness. Whether this means prying open armor, tearing open a shell, or pulling open a pair of large jaws, you provide a weakness for others to exploit. Attacking said weakness provides +1 damage to successful attacks and increases crit range against the target to 18-20. While you are exposing a weakness, you may not attack, but can only be “shaken off” the target by damage rolls of 4 or higher on you.
5 points in Environmental or Combat

Fast Tracking Skills
While the only way to progress skills normally is through waiting for months, you may use teaching RP to fast track skills up to expert level. The only way to attain master level skills is through waiting like normal.
5 point – Novice Level
15 points – Apprentice Level
25 points – Adept Level
35 points – Expert Level

Feign Death
When you receive damage, you can act like the wound is mortal, feigning death. Enemies will immediately disengage from you. You also gain +1 to attacks from the feigned position. This can only be used once per day, as enemies will quickly catch on. The perk counts as a defense.
5 points in Environmental

Glass Cannon
Damaging magic spells gain +1 on skill rolls, but you take +1 extra damage whenever you’re hit.
10 points in Magic

Heat Tolerance
You take -1 less damage from fire.
10 points in Blacksmithing or Provisioning

Helpful Hints
When a nearby ally is attempting a Scholar or Military Tactics roll, you can spend your turn aiding them so they may roll twice and choose the better roll.
5 points in Research or Military Tactics

Heroic Moment
Once per day, you can automatically roll a 1d6 to determine how much damage you do to a boss mob without having to roll for hit success. The downside is, however much damage you do is the amount of damage you also take.
5 points

You take -1 less damage from poison.
10 points in Alchemy

Lay on Hands
You may roll a second healing roll per turn—on another character–at the expense of 50% of your own health.
10 points in Healing

Your knowledge of your own kind increases your supernatural proficiency by +1. (Vampire & Werebeast Only)
10 points in Supernatural

Magic Over Matter
You can use Alteration in place of Acrobatics or Athletics checks, unless Silenced.
5 points in Alteration

Mounted Combat
You learn how to utilize magic and weaponry from horseback.
5 points in Riding

You may apply your necromancy modifier to damaging magic attacks.
5 points in Necromancy

Necrotic Curse
You can curse a living foe’s to suffer a more painful wound. You can take an action to curse a foe, rolling your Necromancy against their defense. If you beat their roll, the next successful attack against them(dealt by you or an ally) deals an extra 1 point of poison, disease, or bleed damage.
5 points in Necromancy

Quick Learner
If someone is actively instructing you how to do something, you get +1 to your skill attempts.
5 points

Safety Gloves
Your critical failures on attack no longer do +1 damage to you, but they do miss.
10 points in Combat

Student Teacher
If your skill is higher level than another person’s, they may roll with your modifier while under your direct instruction.
5 points

Take One for the Team
If someone fails an action, be it an attack or anything else, you may choose to take the failure damage in their place.
5 points

Wild Magic
Whenever you roll a critical fail on a magic skill, both enemies and allies adjacent to you take 1 damage as well.
5 points in Magic