Witch Forest

The Coven of the Missing God

To travel to the witch forest, travel to the Coldharbour Surreal Estate owned by @Beltane3

The forest which borders the grounds of Carcosa is expansive, with some areas darker and more dangerous than others. If one ventures to the forests and continues north, and slightly to the east, past the ominously oversized spider webs–one will eventually find themselves in the portion of the forest claimed by the Coven of the Missing God, the Crescent Pact’s witches.

Even the light seems darker here somehow, likely owing to the extremely dense canopy overhead. A variety of bone trinkets, lanterns, and charms adorn seemingly random tree branches, though an observant visitor will soon pick out the enchanted candles which light the stone walkway which snakes towards the hut in the center of the forest.

Within this hut are several lounges and tables, often with refreshments on hand–for many witches use the hut for rituals involving hedonistic pursuits of the flesh in reverence to the Sacred Whore so many worship. This is further evident in the side room which boasts a large bed, and the variety of animal belts on the ground providing a plush surface. 

The most impressive display in the hut is the large ritual circle and scrying basin, where those of the Coven skilled in divination may search for omens and signs. Behind the circle, in a small nook, is a large cauldron and potion-making counter where a variety of ghastly reagents float in jars. 

If one should wander too far out the back door of the hut, they’d eventually find themselves among the spiders which border the witch forest once again–and the fact animal and humanoid bones hang suspended in their webs gives credence to the ever-present threat.

 To the opposite side of the forest from the spiderwebs is an outdoor ritual circle with a cauldron at its center, where fertility rites and other rituals are routinely carried out.