The West Wing

Staff Headquarters

To travel to the west wing, travel to the Strident Springs Demesne owned by @xviit.

Although it is the newest annex of Carcosa put to use, the West Wing returns to its purpose as headquarters to the staff serving the Crescent Pact. Poised within the walls surrounding the overall demesne it is a detached, bi-level building surrounded by a smaller length of defensive wall and hedges kept excessively tall as a means of additional privacy.

Designed with functionality over aesthetics, the only decorative flair the west wing boasts are three marble statues and a brazier to light the path at night. A guard regularly stands at its entrance due to its connection to regular patrol routes.

Since the west wing serves as headquarters to the servant staff, the interior reflects such purpose. On the first floor, a seating arrangement offers a place of rest during breaks for meals or socialization. Jutting to the right is a kitchen exclusively for the servant staff. This particular kitchen exists to prevent servants from eating their meals from the primary kitchen stock and devouring inventory used to feed the bulk of the banner.

On the second floor, the heart of the headquarters comes in the form of a conference area. Various tables and chairs spread around a raised floor for the staff to assemble for meetings or other work-centric activities. If someone finds a need for privacy, the first off-shooting room may provide. Hidden behind a room divider is a small desk along with various trunks and bookshelves holding writing supplies and tools. Members of the staff may rest within the last room on the second floor, too. Inside the dimly lit space, bunk beds and chests for storing layers of work attire offer a degree of comfort.

The last point of interest in the west wing is the office of the Chatelaine. It is an open-faced area where her locked desk sits among rows of ledgers, catalogues, various atlases, and other tomes of information relative to the Crescent Pact and Cyrodiil.