Villa Valeio

Summer Retreat

To travel to the villa, travel to the Linchal Grand Manor owned by @Beltane3

The Villa Valeio is the height of Nibenese luxury. Located near the city of Kvatch and within easy riding distance of Carcosa, it was originally purchased to serve as a retreat for the Ravnore family, though it has been opened to the entirety of the Pact for use by appointment. Recently, it was gifted by its former owner, Olyviana, to Caius Valeio as her wedding gift to him, and subsequently renamed in his family’s honor.

The entirety of the villa is lightly forested, with large trees providing ample shade. The large reflective pool in the center is guarded by a warded gargoyle while soft enchanted blue lighting flickers underwater. Along both sides of the pool are elegant lounges, towels, and small floating tables to provide refreshment to those who decide to take a dip.

An out of the way temple to Akatosh, Julianos, and Stendarr rests to one side of the grounds, lit by soft ambient blue lighting, before which is a rustic outdoor ballroom floor. On the opposite side, across the pool, is a lantern-lit walkway commonly used for visiting markets. The outside of the manor is carefully maintained, with lush ivy having been allowed to grow in a decorative pattern.

The main hall is liberally decorated with paintings and potted plants, a large wood and marble table of obvious expense serving as the room’s centerpiece. Towering bookcases have been carved directly into the stone and are filled with tomes both magical and mundane.

To one side of the manor is an elaborate indoor garden. Some of the plants are purely ornamental but most of them are used in alchemy. The fire is useful for drying sprigs of freshly snipped herbs though the room is also a favored one for study or reflection.

The well-stocked kitchen is nearby, in convenient distance of the table to enable the small staff kept on hand to deliver food and drinks with ease. Upstairs is a large, sprawling room which serves as both a gallery and a common area for the Pact to socialize in.

A variety of bedrooms adorn the upper floor of the manor, able to house a large number of Pact members as needed, though there is a far larger master bedroom suite equipped with a hidden outdoor bathing area, private from the rest of the manor.

Off the top floor is a high terrance. It contains an outdoor drinking, dining, and socializing area fully equipped for long, relaxing nights. Fragrant blossoms hang overhead, and the centerpiece is a large heated tub of water which seems to beckon one to lounge and relax.

Finally, the grounds also contain a stable and a second small building, inside which is an elegant library for those seeking seclusion in their studies.