The Forge

under the keep

To travel to the forge, travel to the Barbed Hook Private Room owned by @Hesperax17

Located deep within the recesses of Carcosa lies the forge. Once a room dedicated to nothing but junk and forgotten heirlooms, the forge now serves as means of production for the Crescent Pact.

Powered by recovered Dwemer machinery, the forge uses powerful engines to create searing flames that help to bend the hardest metals and cast the most durable blades and armors.

Acting as the epicenter for both defensive and offensive development, the forge serves the members of the Pact by making sure that their arms and armors are kept at a pristine condition.

No production task is too great for the forge, as it is the canvas upon which blacksmiths can create their masterpieces. Be it a novice or virtuoso, the forge will serve any and all that offer it the respect such a modern marvel deserves.