The Chapel

of the north wing

To travel to the chapel, travel to the Psijic Grand Villa owned by @Owl1ght

Annexed to the North Wing lays a cathedral and its hallowed grounds where the fallen of Carcosa sleep beneath the falling petals of flowering trees. Amid the grounds to the northwest is the Ravnore family plot dominated by a marble tomb for its resting souls. Marked plots dot the yard surrounding it and covering them is verdant grass coloured by innocent, colourful flowers.

To the southwest is a statue carved in the visage of a soldier. It honours the fallen servicemen of the Pact and historically the military that lived at Carcosa since its inception. Other members of the Pact who hail from different races or lands are buried elsewhere on the grounds.

A few peculiarities sprinkle across the grounds, too. From the unmarked gave of a Dwemer Scholar to the Cursed Tome where no living thing grows or goes.

Inside, the lower floor is an expanse of seating where one can find solace and make devotional offerings. Among towering pillars carved of the most beautiful white marble grows ivy illuminated by soft candlelight. Polished pews, luxurious carpets and altar cloths adorn its chamber. Funerals, weddings, and other ceremonies take place there.

Other rooms located behind closed doors are for the clergy as living and workspace.