The Prison

of the west wing

To travel to the prison, travel to the Mournoth Keep owned by @Iphin

Nestled within the western border wall of the Keep lies the imposing sprawl of the Prison of Carcosa. Created for the purpose of securing any who may pose a threat to the integrity of the Pact, the prison was constructed from the remnants of a derelict armory near the staff wing of Carcosa.

Annexed from the remainder of the Keep and enclosed by an encircling stone wall, the prison is strategically designed to function as a self-contained unit in which dangerous individuals may be housed whilst awaiting sentencing by the Pact Triumverate. A unit of the Pact Guard is permanently assigned to prison detail in order to ensure that security protocols surrounding prisoners and visitors alike are observed at all times.

Just beyond the entry gates stretches a winding, ivy-laden tunnel. Veering to the right is the path which leads to the execution grounds by means of a hedged corridor. The execution grounds, though seldomly used, consist of a viewing platform upon which the Pact Mother and Pact Arbiter may observe executions as well as the burning stake upon which those sentenced to death are inevitably bound.

Continuing forward within the tunnel eventuates in the arrival at the prison cells themselves, the first port of call being that of an enclosed reception area in which visitors may sign a ledger and await supervised visitations with detainees.

To the immediate right of reception, resides the primary cell block. Consisting of four identical cells offering humble provisions of a sleeping cot and chamber, the block is subject to perpetual observation by a stationed watchman.

To the left of reception lies the special holding facilities for those of supernatural inclination. A large cage, constructed of heavy silver-reinforced bars, serves as a detainment cell for vampires, weres and other creatures harbouring an innate aversion to silver. A stockade, gibbet and heavy silver chains further serve as mechanisms through which confessions to various crimes may be obtained.

Finally, the upper level of the prison is composed of a special holding cell designed to detain those sentenced to death or those considered to possess extreme levels of depravity and, thus, posing the greatest threat to the safety of all beneath the Banner of the Pact.