The North Wing

To travel to the north wing, travel to the Daggerfall Overlook owned by @Beltane3.

The North wing is the oldest part of the great keep of Carcosa. It had fallen completely into disrepair before it was purchased by the family of the Pact Mother. Gradually, it has been painstakingly cleared and repaired, but not completely rennovated. The old stone was preserved as much as possible due to the history and charm of the ancient grounds, which were deemed a suitable place for the Pact’s grand library and division of scholars to be based.

The grounds were once wildly overgrown, but have been tamed by skilled gardeners. A touch of the wild still remains in the extremely thick canopy of trees which all but completely blocks out the sun. Mist often rises from the nearby ocean in the evening, and enchanted blue candes line the many winding paths.

There are several outdoor seating areas suitable for study or quiet conversation. An extremely old fountain is topped by a strange statue which appears to be of Ayleid origin, lit by a ghostly blue light. Overlooking the sea is an elegant seating area cast in blue light and flanked by pillars.

Off the overlook of the wing is a strange spiraling staircase, constructed in such a way it could only be held up by magic. At its base are a few chairs and a fenced in pool which grants a safe swimming area, separate from the rest of the sea.

The main chamber of the library has three tables stacked with books for study, set before a fireplace. Behind them are towering bookcases filled to overflowing with books of all subjects. Off the side of the main chamber is a small lecture room which is commonly used for magic lessons.

Downstairs is the restricted section. Only those with the approval of the Triumvirate or the Archivst are allowed to venture here, where many of the tomes are either very old and valuable, dangerous, or outright proscribed. There are a few small desks for study and a few basic magical supplies such as soul gems, scrolls, and alchemy reagents easily available. There is even a ritual area on the floor etched with daedric symbols.

Upstairs, work areas for alchemists and enchanters can be found. Nearby is a den with a few private gathering areas, most notably a beautifully opulent fireplace flanked by rarities from the Alik’r.