The Main Keep

To travel to the main keep, right click @Beltane3 in the guild window and select Travel to Primary Residence.

Located near the Strid River in the southern Gold Coast, midway between Anvil and Kvatch, the main keep of CARCOSA serves as the home of Crescent Pact. The keep was in a state of disrepair when purchased three years prior. While parts of the castle are clearly old and in a state of slight disrepair, the bulk of it has been beautifully restored in Niben style.

The grounds of Carcosa are well maintained. The Imperial statuary and high pillars are remniscent of the Imperial City and the natural flora and fauna has been allowed to flourish. There are well-maintained gardens surrounding the outside of the keep, as well as hanging gardens overlooking two pools. Huge stone gargoyles sit imposingly in strategic locations, as if keeping watch over the grounds–which they are, for each of the gargoyles is enchanted to defend the grounds should they ever fall under attack.

A small gathering place for traders is within the keep grounds, where local merchants come to sell everyday goods to the keep’s many inhabitants. There are a few secluded nooks ideal for socializing in private in the sprawling outdoors.

The main keep of Carcosa boasts well-lit hallways of shining alabaster and blue stone. The scholarly nature of the Pact and its flourishing Academy are evident by the frequent sight of books casually placed, as if to entice the wandering reader.

The throne room is an imposing sight, used for formal gatherings and casual meetings alike. Lined with Niben-style white drapes and tall pillars from the heart of Cyrodiil, it is located in the direct center of Carcosa’s sprawling grounds. Most impressively, the interior of the throne room is lined with beautiful sparkling fountains which add a peaceful ambiance to the huge chamber.

There are numerous balconies which offer discrete overheard views of the activities below. At the end of the winding balconies are two small alcoves perfect for hosting private meetings. Across the throne room is a cozy fireplace and seating area, with the entrances to the kitchen and treasury on either side.

The treasury contains a comfortable lounge, books and records on the Pact’s financial status, and a small portion of the house’s total gold in locked coffers and safes. A small office sits within the treasury, with ample room for any who need to orchestrate one of the Pact’s many business dealings. The kitchen is near the treasury, facing the throne room, and is kept meticulously clean and tidy by the house’s staff.