The Infirmary

To travel to the infirmary, travel to the Strident Strings Demesne owned by @Iphin.

Nestled within the many gardens of Carcosa’s West Wing lies the Infirmary. Formerly a neglected groundskeeper’s residence, the building itself was reclaimed and renovated to serve as both a hospital and a hub from which the many healers of the Crescent Pact may render their services to patrons requiring treatment.

Upon entering the premises, guests are welcomed by a warm reception area replete with a comfortable waiting room for those visiting or accompanying the unwell.

The ground floor features a fully kitted triage area with staging cots for those awaiting treatment as well as a self-contained in-house apothecary for the quick concoction of salves, potions and tinctures. Situated just behind the reception area is the examination room in which in-depth patient assessments may be carried out in privacy.

The upper floor boasts the operating suite and features a state-of-the-art surgical theatre and private patient rooms with a five-bed capacity.

The Infirmary and its associated healers offer a number of services for Pact patrons including, but not limited to:

Specialized medical consultations
First aid and emergency medical treatment
Necromantic healing services
Blood donation and transfusion
Major and minor surgical procedures
Dental procedures
Cosmetic procedures