The Hunting Lodge

of Carcosa

To travel to the lodge, travel to the Old Mistveil Manor owned by @Owl1ght

At the edge of Pact lands is the Hunting Lodge, also called the Gamekeeper’s Cottage. It is the residence of the house’s Gamekeeper, and a hub for the hunters, trackers, and trappers of the house.

Here game is skinned and prepared for the tables of the house. The hides, pelts, bones and sinews are also used.

Injured or orphaned animals are brought here to be cared for.

The interior of the lodge is a warm and homey place, decorated with trophies of the hunt.

Food and various herbs are prepared in the lodge kitchen by the gamekeeper and hunters.

A loft above provides sleeping space for the woodsmen of the house.

Porches on both levels provide additional space for relaxation at the end of the long days.