The Forest

of Carcosa

To travel to the forest, right click @Hesperax17 in the guild window and select Travel to Primary Residence.

Just beyond Carcosa’s north wing lies the thick pine forest that makes up a large majority of the lands owned by the Crescent Pact. The forest is wild and almost entirely untamed, though there are certain locales that are frequented by people resting deep within the brush.

Due to its protected and secluded setting, the forest serves as the primary meeting place–and even living place, for many–of the Tribe. Here the Twin Manes may freely hunt when their true nature calls to them, provided they harm none of the Pact; the Coven of the Missing God may conduct their strange rituals; the Unguided may roam without fear of judgment; and all other Tribes come and go as they please, mingling among their own.

Central to the forest is a camp made up of primarily Niben nomads. These gypsies are part of the Coven of the Missing God and, while many are technically also Naturals, they serve the Pact as its trusted eyes and ears. Within this camp, the Tribe commonly holds celebrations of unity in time with the seasons.

Razorweb Hollow rests in the ruins of an old Ayleid temple. While the power of the Ayleids is likely long gone from the structures, it has been made into a home by a rather sizable population of large spiders. The area is generally considered to be a forbidden zone, as it is highly dangerous and many go missing even venturing near the area.

Huntsman’s Host lies along the Strid River and is made up of several monuments dedicated to the Daedric Prince, Hircine. There are whispered rumors that the location attracts many a werecreature, especially when Secunda is full. The area contains not just a statue of the Huntsman, but also offerings left in his honor.

Finally, there are large monolithic cairn stones situated throughout a central meeting place. Here, the Pact congregates, and those blessed with acceptance into its fold may add their bloody handprint to the stone which joins them all together.