The East Wing

The Academy

To travel to the east wing, right click @Iphin in the guild window and select Travel to Primary Residence.

The East Wing is the new heart of the Crescent Academy. A monument to the study of the Arcane, the grounds themselves feature pristine cobbled paths shaded beneath the lush canopies of the many ancient flowering trees, common throughout the gardens of Carcosa.

Within the grounds, should one take the leftmost path they would be welcomed by a simple marble bench and table, suitable for moments of tranquil study or relaxation. Further along the path rises several flights of stairs leading patrons to the majestic Observatory. Overlooking the expanse of the Abecean, the Observatory offers students and patrons alike the opportunity to study the Cosmos using some of the most advanced astronomical instruments to be found anywhere within Tamriel.

Upon entering the ground floor of the edifice, visitors are met with a vision of opulence second to none. The spacious foyer, home to the Academy’s primary lecture hall, features ample space for study and socialization alike. An inviting fireplace imbues the space with warmth and, in addition to the many writing tables, two comfortable lounges are situated at either side of the hall to encourage relaxation once the day’s lessons are concluded.

The antechamber to the left of the foyer boasts the Alchemy studio. Nestled within are a number of desks and benches provided for students attending lectures. The jewel of the studio, however, is the fully functional laboratory in which aspiring Alchemists can practice their craft hands-on by way of workshops and independent study.

Within the undercroft, visitors may access the Arcane Combat Arena. Designed for students to hone their skills in the practical application of magic within combat scenarios, the space consists of a warded combat pit along with a platform for spectators. The undercroft is also home to the Academy’s garden of rare and magical flora, a collection impressive enough to rival that of even the Mages’ Guild.

Finally, the upper floor of the Wing proudly hosts a dedicated laboratory for the study of the Necromantic Arts, one of only a few of its kind in existence within Cyrodiil. Within the laboratory, students and practitioners may hone their skills in cadaver preparation and resurrection under the watchful eyes of the talented Necromancers of the Crescent Academy.