Located near the Strid River in the southern Gold Coast, midway between Anvil and Kvatch, CARCOSA serves as the home of the Crescent Pact. While the primary investors are the family of the Pact Mother and House Valeio, Carcosa has been repurposed to provide everything the Pact needs to thrive–both inside and outside the veil.

The keep was in a state of disrepair when initially purchased three years prior. While parts of the castle are clearly old and in a state of slight disrepair, the bulk of it has been beautifully restored in Niben style.

The grounds of Carcosa are well maintained. The Imperial statuary and high pillars are remniscent of the Imperial City and the natural flora and fauna have been allowed to flourish. There are well-maintained gardens surrounding the outside of the keep, as well as hanging gardens overlooking two pools. Huge stone gargoyles sit imposingly in strategic locations, as if keeping watch over the grounds–which they are, for each of the gargoyles is enchanted to defend the grounds should they ever fall under attack.

OOC Information

We use multiple player houses spread out across several players to represent the entirety of the large estate of Carcosa. In addition to Carcosa, there are a few other locales used for guild RP and ICly owned by the house.

We HIGHLY recommend installing the Port to Friend’s House addon since it will allow you to travel to any of these houses with the press of a button, regardless of if they are set to primary.

In addition, having Essential Housing Tools installed will allow you to see the special effects some houses use to increase immersion beyond what the base game allows!

Main Keep

@Beltane3 – Primary
Princely Dawnlight Palace

North Wing

Daggerfall Overlook

The Forest

@Hesperax17 – Primary
Hunter’s Glade

The East Wing

@Iphin – Primary
Daggerfall Overlook

Witch Forest

Coldharbour Surreal Estate

The Infirmary

Strident Springs Demesne

The Prison

Mournoth Keep

Villa Valeio

Linchal Grand Manor

The Forge

Barbed Hook