ESO’s Longest Running Vampire Guild

Darkness cannot exist without light.

So far as the mortal realm is concerned, House Valeio is a completely legitimate Nibenese noble house. With extensive business connections and a flourishing Academy, it is the epitome of Imperial high culture. A veneer of fanatic worship of the Divines makes it clear to outside eyes nothing sinister could possibly be going on behind the scenes…

Yet in the shadows lurks a Coven of vampires which serves as the backbone for House Valeio’s success. Known as the Crescent Pact, the monstrous and illicit of Tamriel’s society–including werewolves and witches–unite under a common banner, bound by oaths of mutual protection.

Whether you seek shelter or glory, you will be welcomed like family… so long as you remain loyal to the hand that feeds and protects.

The Crescent Pact is the secret behind House Valeio; two sides of the same coin, neither can exist without the support of the other. It is through their combined efforts they run the Crescent Academy, an Imperial institution of learning which serves as the primary cover for the underworld operations more actively pursued by the House’s leadership.

With its extensive connections in Leyawiin and base of operations in the Gold Coast, House Valeio serves as the financial backing and cultural foundation for the Crescent Pact — the secretive coven of vampires and the loyal mortals who knowingly protect them.

Were the True Natures behind the House known, mortal society would hunt down and destroy all who shelter beneath the House and Pact alike. Those who are willing to guard the deadly secret behind the Pact are more than paid for their discretion; their prize is the protection of immortal beings and all the dark knowledge the coven possesses.

Be warned, however, while the Pact will accept mortals, witches, werebeasts, and vampires alike to join under its banner, fealty is required of all who hope to remain within the Pact. Those who wish to be outliers, maintaining their independence or otherwise refusing to serve vampires, have no place within our close-knit Coven.

To join the Crescent Pact is to inherit a new family both monstrous and mundane, one who will defend each other to their dying breaths, provided they uphold the oaths of fealty which unite them.

Information & Policies

The following are some of the aspects of the guild which make us unique.

Writing Standards | We are interested in RPers who put clear effort into their posts. You don’t have to write an essay every emote, but you shouldn’t be consistently slinging one-lines of dialogue either. We wish to recruit paragraph RPers who include actions with character speech. Everyone makes typos, but if your posts are misspelled with zero attention paid to grammar, you won’t be a good fit for us. “Nods and smiles” RP is not our desired niche.

Dark, Serious RP | We place huge emphasis on staying true to our goals of serious, lore-accurate vampire and noble house RP. We are not a good environment for people who are more interested in flirting and partying than using the serious atmosphere we provide to launch memorable stories.

Overarching RP Themes | Our guild has two main pillars of RP: the Crescent Pact, a vampire coven which employs werewolves and witches, and House Valeio, an Imperial noble house which runs an Academy. It is required to be a part of the Crescent Pact to be a part of the guild. We don’t accept characters who would never serve vampires or who would refuse to join a coven. We also have a heavy religious influence, both our public deception of worship of the Divines and our true religion of Daedric worship.

Individualized Roles | The roles available within the Crescent Pact are vast and varied. From noble house staff, to Academy teachers and students, to guards, to dedicated blood servants, to vampires and werebeasts seeking shelter–so long as your character falls under our overarching themes, chances are we have a specialized role for you.

Freeform RP | The bulk of our RP is based around daily/nightly unscripted, freeform RP. This means our members meet up in one of the guild houses and RP whatever they please. One night that might mean an adventure, sparring, or magical study, and another night that may mean casual socializing or a tense witchy sacrifice in the woods.

Regular Events | We do have frequent events, from DMed plots to freeform social events (such as arena series, classes, and markets), but our focus is always on daily RP rather than a reliance on events. We want people to stop in and RP whenever they want, not just when there’s a scheduled event.

Character Sheets | We utilize a detailed, immersive character sheet system. While every member of the guild is required to have a sheet, you also aren’t required to use it if rolling and combat events aren’t your thing. But for those who do enjoy sheets, you can expect to find a dynamic system of character perks, progression, and individuality which makes dice rolls feel meaningful rather than purely random.

Teaching/Learning RP | We have an in-depth Academy with its own engaging system of teaching and learning RP. This makes it rewarding to RP students and instructors in a variety of topics—schools of magic, combat training, and lectures on virtually any topic imaginable. While participation in the Academy isn’t required to join, it is encouraged!

Character Advancement | We believe logical progression is one of the most important parts of RP. As a result, we are always willing to work with you to progress your character in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone involved. We put value on every member of the guild and love to help everyone carve out a niche where their character can flourish.

Lore Focus | Lore is very important to us. While we do use supplemental fanon to fill in the blanks–such as about the day to day lives of vampires and thralls, which are not addressed in lore–we believe in adhering to the game’s canon wherever possible. As a result, we do not allow custom/fanon bloodlines for vampires, since there are already plenty of varied and interesting lore bloodlines to pick from. When it comes to things such as unique applications of magic, we are much more lenient, provided your character isn’t demonstrating god powers.

Age Limits | We are an 18+ mature guild. Our guild RP commonly contains the darker elements you would expect to find in a guild of vampires and criminals, from sensuality to violence, though we are story-focused first and foremost. Our age limit also means we expect our members to behave maturely OOCly.

OOC Culture | We are an OOCly laid back group, with most of our members being in the 25+ bracket. If the occasional crass sense of humor will upset you, or if you constantly seek to fight about charged political topics, we aren’t a good fit–but we also take member comfort seriously and have a no drama policy.

Heavy RP | We define heavy RP as a setting where RP takes place on a daily basis (though not all members are required to RP that often). We regularly gather as a guild in certain locations for daily RP, but you are also strongly encouraged to RP wherever and whenever you wish! Every member is expected to help create RP by engaging and collaborating with the rest of the guild.

Setting | The majority of our guild RP takes place in our numerous player houses that comprise our keep and its surrounding grounds. However, the keep’s IC location is on the Gold Coast, and we do frequently make use of it in open world RP such as in Kvatch, Anvil, or the surrounding countryside. For this reason, we strongly recommend you have access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC (which grants access to the Gold Coast), though this is not absolutely required if you’re willing to miss out on the public portions of our RP.

RP Standards | We believe the most critically important aspect of RP is being able to separate IC and OOC. We also place an emphasis on communication to make sure everyone is on the same page for major developments. We are not a good environment for people who feel all RP is good RP and there are by default no rules to RP. We believe there are concrete rules–namely, no metagaming, no forcing actions, no getting upset OOC because another character was mean to yours, and no artificially avoiding consequences. 

Emphasis on IC Consequences | We believe IC actions equal IC consequences. We feel consequences make RP feel more meaningful, since if there is “risk” to RP, character success and progression feels infinitely more rewarding. If you are the type of RPer to feel your character is ruined or no longer fits in the guild because they got an IC reprimand, we are not a good fit.

Participation | We seek members who wish to be a part of an active community. For that reason, we have activity requirements and keep the roster up to date with actively RPing members only. If you can only RP once a month or are in four other heavy RP guilds, we aren’t a good fit. (NOTE: Stringent activity requirements are temporarily suspended due to the world health crisis.) 

Races | We recruit ALL races–man, mer, and betmer. However, we are an Imperial guild in terms of culture and focus. You are welcome to join on any race, but your character should be willing to fit in with an Imperial noble house rather than being a stronghold Orc or a Green Pact-following Bosmer, for example. 

Discord & Enjin | We make heavy use of our Discord server as well as our active Enjin forum for things such as rumors to be used in RP, event announcements, IC letters, and just socializing. We do not allow voice chat during RP and we don’t have Discord RP channels, preferring RP to be done in game. Use of our site and server are supplemental rather than the focus over the game, but it is required to join them.

Eligible Characters

There are two sides of the guild: the House and the Pact.

The House comprises House Valeio, the publicly known Imperial noble house, as well as the Crescent Academy it funds. The House has both legal, upstanding interests and shady criminal ones.

The Pact refers to the Crescent Pact, the secret coven of vampires, werebeasts, and the mortals who serve and shield them.

Most characters in the guild wind up being part of both the House and the Pact in some capacity, though you may also choose to focus on one over the other. But ultimately, every character must have pledged to the Pact in order to have both a public role with the House and a private role in the Pact to maximize their experience in the guild. The sole exception is if you wish your character to exist “behind the veil” only, such as vampires unable to hide their affliction–but you can’t only participate in House RP without having anything to do with vampires.

We provide a unique structure which is based around maximizing IC and OOC strengths. Those who come to the Crescent Pact have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles. Instead of having random guards and scholars, we try to instead give every single character a unique role and duties so everyone feels like a unique and valued part of the whole.

We also allow multiple entry points into the guild story. It is acceptable to come in already knowing our secret, and it’s also acceptable to find out over time IC. However, since it’s a matter of life and death for our characters if their secret is discovered, we ask patience if you hope to RP every step of the journey out. If you won’t be happy until your character is initiated, it is likely best to start already knowing what we are.


In particular, we are recruiting the following…

Vampires | Ever-seeking to expand its ranks, the Coven behind the Crescent Pact is known to many Vampires throughout Cyrodiil and would logically attract those seeking shelter and kinship. Our Coven sets itself apart by requiring oaths of fealty and blood binding to foster mutual loyalty.

Werewolves | The Pact also provides shelter for werebeasts who are willing to work for and protect the vampires of the house. We have a forest which serves as the primary hunting grounds for our pack, but many werewolves also have protective roles within the House.

Thralls | We are always in need of those willing to play long-term thralls. A thrall is a mortal bound by blood to a specific vampire, to serve as a blood source in addition to serving the one that binds them. Thralls are valued and viewed as trusted mortals. Note that being a thrall does not preclude your character from having skills or an additional role in the house. For example, a thrall could also be a soldier, instructor, spy, etc.

Blood Servants | Blood servants are mortals who willingly give blood to the vampires of the Crescent Pact. Far from being subjugated, blood servants are a treasured and vital part of the Pact—without them we could not hide among mortals. Much like thralls, blood servants may also have any other position within the House. Most thralls will start as a blood servant.

Instructors and Students | The Crescent Academy is the heart of the Pact’s illustrious reputation within Cyrodiil as an institute offering instruction in the Arcane Arts. Those seeking to teach or to study the practice of magic, alchemy, Dwemerology, enchanting and crafting would logically have heard of the Academy and are welcome to apply.

Mortal Servants | A Coven could not hide long without a staff of mortals to uphold the veil, and the Crescent Pact is no different. We are in need of mortal servants of all kinds, from personal servants to seneschals, cooks to maids, stewards to crafters.

Corrupt Religious Clergy | We are in need of a variety of religious clergy–both those who publicly worship the Divines, and priests dedicated to Molag Bal, Hircine, Mephala, Nocturnal, or Clavicus Vile. While true worship of the Divines is allowed provided it does not conflict with our darker goals, all priests will eventually learn the Pact’s secret and must be willing to maintain the deception.

Guards, Soldiers, Protectors | Nearly any blade for hire could find a position among the house as one of its guards. While the house is not focused on formal combat, we are still in need of those with the skills to protect the House and secure future assets.

Underworld Connections | From pirates to thieves to smugglers to spies, House Valeio has a number of criminal interests and is always interested in hiring individuals with exceedingly low scruples–provided they understand the importance of discretion.


If you are interested in joining the Crescent Pact, please visit our Enjin guild site. You will need to join our site and then click the “Apply” button. It is also a good idea to check out the Required Reading section of our forum to learn more about our RP.

Please feel free to send any of the officers any questions before applying if you’d like further information!

GM Contacts

Brenya | @Beltane3 | Beltane#3323

Terrell | @Iphin | Terrell Valeio#3626